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  2. Everytime i try a manual or automatic update i always got the same problem. "Internal Server Error(s) [The Account is not defined in the Input of the Command. Probably you are using old Module version.]" Extension is updated and nothing has changed from 2 days ago. Anyone know what is this?I'm losing time and money for this shit. and obviously support do not answer.
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  4. I believe that customers do get a second email when you update the shipping info.
  5. compostable

    3rd party offerings

    problem solved!
  6. compostable

    FBA and M2E

    hi! i just saw on the website of m2e that they offer some service for fba and m2e. currently we have magento 1.9 and m2e for amazon. we now want to put some of the top selling products to amazon for fba, the rest will be shipped by us. we do not care about returns or inventory, because our erp manages that separately. what i would like to know is, if Magento or M2E differentiates between FBA order and "normal" orders. Do I see if an order is "Prime" and therefore fulfilled by Amazon? Is it somehow possible to create a different appendix for prime order that are FBA? Thank you for your support.
  7. I couldn't vote on yours as it was rejected but I commented and I created a new one and linked to yours - I'm not sure M2E Pro are doing it properly, or that Royal Mail are the ones to blame. On Magento 1 at least, Royal Mail aren't a default carrier, and it's not simple to add another one. I haven't tested what happens if "RoyalMail" is sent as the CarrierCode but I expect that the details won't be logged on a standard Magento install as that CarrierCode doesn't exist. In addition, it's not just Royal Mail who send "custom". Despatchbay also do the same. They send "custom" and then the name of the courier in the second field. M2E Pro also "Royal Mail" as the service which isn't correct at all. I think the problem is a magento issue ultimately. I *think* Royal Mail, DespatchBay and, I imagine, other services are sending what the Magento developers intended them to send, The way I see it is that M2E Pro are the link between Magento and Amazon so they should be the ones to code the (simple) logic to send the correct value to Amazon. I'm currently using a workaround. I have set up a free plugin called Seekwell with Google sheets. This connects to my Magento database and grabs all the details for any Amazon orders for the current day with a click of a button. I can then upload this to Amazon and it overwrites the "other" with "Royal Mail". It takes <5mins at the end of each day, but I don't like manual tasks even when they are quick. I'll forgot to do it at some point no doubt. Only been doing it a couple of weeks so not checked if it has fixed my Amazon metrics yet. Also not sure if customers get a second dispatch email when the tracking it updated.
  8. M2E just sends what magneto has received from Royal Mail Click & Drop. This was also a problem with eBay for a while but eBay does exactly what you suggest, when ebay sees Carrier=Other Method=Royal Mail as the method it changes it to Carrier=Royal Mail. The really annoying thing is that Royal Mail does not provide an API for click and drop so we are forced to use their broken Magento 2 integration. Whenever we report an issue their response is basically, this is a free service we won't fix it! It is almost as though Royal Mail don't want any customers! So yes, if M2E pro could include an option to either automatically change Carrier=Other and Method=Royal Mail to Carrier=Royal Mail, or as I suggested simply have an override option in the settings that would replace 'other' with your chosen carrier that would solve the problem. Although M2E understand the problem I doubt doing something about it will be high on their list of priorities as it is a problem caused by Royal Mail and only impacts UK merchants that use Click & Drop. I really do hope that they will add this option and the more people who ask for it the higher the probability, but I don't imagine it coming very soon. The most frustrating thing is Royal Mail's attitude. I posted feedback on Royal Mail and they completely don't get the problem!
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  10. We have the same probleme with this version. I had to remove the module to make my website working ...
  11. Thanks for the reply! It's been reported to Royal Mail but they weren't interested and I came to the same conclusion as you, that they were too much of a dinosaur. M2E Pro gave me some technical explanations which made sense, but which I'm sure would be fixable with a small about of programming. It seems that Amazon have 3 fields which are relevant: - CarrierCode - CarrierName; - ShippingMethod If CarrierCode is sent then it should be one of a number of items off a predefined list of carriers which Amazon Support. (Royal Mail happens to be one of them) Amazon DON'T want CarrierCode and CarrierName to both be sent ShippingMethod is really for the sevice as far as I can tell. So things like "1st Class" or "Next Day" or whatever. Currently, M2E Pro seems to send CarrierCode, which is where "Other" seems to get sent to Amazon, and then they send the shipping Method as the name of the courier, which seems to just be incorrect. M2E could fix it by doing something like this (excuse my attempt at programming logic!): 1 - IF the Magento "Carrier" <> "other" AND if Magento "Carrier" is on Amazon approved list THEN send "Carrier" to Amazon as "CarrierCode" (send nothing to Amazon as CarrierName) 2 - IF the Magento "Carrier" = "other" AND if magento "Carrier NAME" is on Amazon approved list THEN send "Carrier NAME" to Amazon as "CarrierCode" (send nothing to Amazon as CarrierName) 3 - IF the Magento "Carrier" <> "other" AND if Magento "Carrier" is NOT on Amazon approved list THEN send Magento "Carrier" as "CarrierName" (send nothing to Amazon as CarrierCode) 4 - IF the Magento "Carrier" = "other" AND if Magento "Carrie NAME" is NOT on Amazon approved list THEN send Magento "Carrier NAME" as "CarrierName" (send nothing to Amazon as CarrierCode) That would cover Approved Amazon courier and non approved couriers in either Magento's Carrier or Carrier Name field. Example below, assuming Royal Mai is Amazon Approved, and Joe Blogs Courier isn't Royal Mail in Magento Carrier field - line 1 picks it up and sends to Amazon as CarrierCode - this is the ideal situation Joe Bloggs in the Magento Carrier field - line 3 picks it up and send to Amazon as CarrierName (which is what I believe Amazon want when "Other" in Magento Carrier field with "Royal Mail" in magento "carrier name field" - Line 2 picks this up and sends "Royal Mail" from Magento Carrier Name to Amazon as CarrierCode - This is what would fix the current Click and Drop setup (but also other integrations I have seen such as dispatch bay who send "other" and "yodel", or "Other" and "Parcelforce" etc. "Other" in Magento Carrier field with "Joe bloggs" in magento "carrier name field" - Line 4 picks this up and sends Joe bloggs as "CarrierName" Not sure where to send the above info to? Any ideas where it'll get properly looked at?
  12. Magento Order was not created. Reason: SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1452 Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails (`debbydoo_islandnew`.`quote_item_option`, CONSTRAINT `QUOTE_ITEM_OPTION_ITEM_ID_QUOTE_ITEM_ITEM_ID` FOREIGN KEY (`item_id`) REFERENCES `quote_item` (`item_id`) ON DELETE CASCADE), query was: INSERT INTO `quote_item_option` (`product_id`, `code`, `value`) VALUES (?, ?, ?)
  13. mdaliceo

    Can't list products on eBay - EAN number

    EAN Number is given by the GS1 organization. If you are a manufacturer you can apply for get your products ean number. It has so many advantages in retail industry. or If, it's not possible, edit description setting, the above answer of J.B is described, how to do it.
  14. First of all the most important thing to do is report this to Royal Mail. The core issue is that when Click & Drop connects to the Magento API to update the shipping information, it does not populate the carrierCode with a unique name. Their reply to me was typically that there was not a problem! The more people however that report it, the more likely they are to eventually do something about it. I also explained the issue to M2e who seemed to get the problem a bit better than Royal Mail did. I suggested that in a future version of M2e Pro they provide a default carrier option in the Amazon sync. So that if the carrier is not set (ie 'other') then the a default carrier can be sent to Amazon, e.g Royal Mail. I think there is a better chance of M2e providing a solution than the Dinosaur that is Royal Mail. If you think this is a good idea, please add your voice to the tread and send a request to M2e asking for the feature to be added to a future version.
  15. Thank God for language! – a well-arranged and well-thought amalgamation of words that totally makes sense (somehow) and is received and understood by people around us. Without it, we would just be a clueless bunch of idiots moving around roving eyes and trying to get the gist of what others are trying to say.
  16. Thank God for language! – a well-arranged and well-thought amalgamation of words that totally makes sense (somehow) and is received and understood by people around us. Without it, we would just be a clueless bunch of idiots moving around roving eyes and trying to get the gist of what others are trying to say.
  17. Thank God for language! – a well-arranged and well-thought amalgamation of words that totally makes sense (somehow) and is received and understood by people around us. Without it, we would just be a clueless bunch of idiots moving around roving eyes and trying to get the gist of what others are trying to say.
  18. Hi, I've read all the articles and still can get our bundled products to work for Amazon. We have 2 types of bundle products setup: Bundled product consists of 6x identical simple products Bundled product consists of 6x different simple products We have M2Epro working fine for simple products, but when listing bundled products the M2E pushes it as single product. Any instructions, directions, guidance to achieve our goal would be extremely helpful Thanks!!!
  19. Necser

    Multipacks: Grouped or Bundled?

    Did you figure this out the correct setup? In our case we have bundled products setup of either 6x different Simple products and 6x same Simple product.
  20. some issue. I've m2epro-6.4.14 with Magento
  21. Thank you! I realized we didn't have the attribute listed in the default Magento set, just our custom product one. This fixed it!
  22. The M2E developers looked at this issue and managed to resolve it. This is what M2E Support said regarding the fix they implemented: Unfortunately, we still have issues regarding the VAT not being exactly 20% in the Magento records, when it should be. We're experiencing this issue when the Tax Source setting is set to 'Amazon'. This issue doesn't occur when the Tax Source setting is set to 'Magento' however, another issue then arises - when the Tax Source setting is set to 'Magento', we are finding the shipping costs are then one penny too cheap in the Magento records (when compared to the Amazon records). I'm now trying to see whether setting the Tax Source setting to 'Amazon & Magento' will resolve both of these issues. Mark
  23. P.P.

    Stop 3rd Party Auto Relisting

    You can disable import of the listings into the extension but it's good that you have your active inventory brought into M2E, isn't it? Just get the imported 3rd party listings mapped to the products in your Magento and move to M2E. It should save you a load of time. You won't be listing the same Magento products on eBay all over from scratch. You will just be listing new offers. A long time ago there used to be a synchronization running for the 3rd party listings but any more, the feature was removed in some of the old versions. So it's only after you have the 3rd party moved that M2E can update them, otherwise, the items just sit in the 3rd party listing. You sure it's set the way it should be? Try going through the account settings and the listing setup, maybe you'll see where the problem started.
  24. P.P.

    M2E Is not tracking database quantity changes

    M2E guys recommend setting up programmatical models instead of enabling the Track Direct DB changes tool. It will slow down synchronization of a large inventory. But yeah, the feature is now located in a different place. It's in Amazon or eBay - Health status - Developers area - Direct db changes.
  25. Make these attributes that you created for your prices on eBay are present in all attribute sets in Magento. It'll become visible in the dropdown in M2E when it's in all Magento attribute sets.
  26. Hello, Our team is encountering a problem with setting a created Magento attribute to eBay “Strike-Through Price” under “Price, Quantity, and Format Policy” in Selling Settings. We created an attribute called Ebay Price for products, I have attached an image of what the settings look like. I have also attached an image of our Price Settings in Selling Settings. Where Strike-Through Price shows none, the dropdown does not have an option to select the “Ebay Price” attribute, which is what we need. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks!
  27. We have just started to get this error and some orders have not automatically being created in magento2. Magento Order was not created. Reason: We don't have "#####" in the requested quantity, so we'll back order the remaining 1 I understand what the error means (Not enough items in stock) but we create the product on order, and before this started to happen, it worked fine since it was installed over a year ago. I assume that after an update there is a setting to allow backorder, but can't locate this setting, so some help on how to set this up correctly would be very welcome.
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