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  2. Dear all, I'm trying to connect Amazon to Magento and it shows the following error message: Internal Server Error(s) [Access for this token denied.] My seller account in Amazon was activated today and I've also cleaned the cache, what else can I do to make it work? thanks
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  5. Thanks for your reply. So it happens to you if someone orders the last product in stock? Interesting. OK, so maybe I won't bother upgrading to 1.4.3 if the issue still exists there. If you're able, let me know how 1.5.0 works out.
  6. I have been having something similar, it usually happen when I only have 1 qty left. Support have upgraded me to 1.5.0 from 1.4.3 to see if this helps.
  7. Hi, Just wondered if anyone else was having, or has had a similar issue. Using Magento 2.3.2 and M2epro 1.42 The vast majority of ebay orders get passed through to Magento with no issues, but every so often one seems to go astray. By that I mean that the order is bought and paid for in ebay as normal, but no Magento order is created, and no mention of it appears in any events or logs, as if it just disappeared into the wind!! Does anybody have any idea what may be causing this? It happens on very few orders given how many we're processing, but it does mean we have to keep a lookout that everything is being processed, which is time that could be spent elsewhere. Thanks in advance.
  8. Not sure if this is what you're after - If you go into your ebay integration tab >> accounts, under the 'Orders' tab there is an option 'order creation rules' which gives you the option to create Magento orders either immediately, or just when checkout is completed (before payment is received.)
  9. Hi, I have images and videos against products in Magento (2.3). When sync'ing to ebay videos end up as a still image in the ebay listings image gallery. Is there a way to exclude videos from the listing to stop this happening. I had an issue recently where the first frame of the video showed another product that needs to be used with the product being sold, the buyer was of the understanding this came with the product as a result as it was just an image and not the video. Regards Chris
  10. Hey Baubau there is an amazing extension that is robust, secure and fast. I used it and currently it just working fine - no trouble. Magento vBulletin Integration ----> search it on google and check reviews first from where you are picking it Magento 2 Dropship Extension and Magento 2 Scraper also are some popular extension for store.
  11. I think Magento platform is best for many reasons for me it is secure and safe. I also use different cms but they are less secure if we extend their functionality. I have 750+ products with complete content and using drop shipping extension and Magento 2 Scraper etc. Currently they are all working fine and I got productive experience. Actually all cms are good main thing is that you should knowledge of development or hire expensive developer.
  12. any suggestion for forum extension that will go well with Magento 2.3.3 ?
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  14. I'm having the same problem with Magento 2.3.4 and M2EPro 1.4.2
  15. Hi, Is it possible to configure M2E Pro to create Magento Orders even if the eBay order was placed without an immediate payment being made? At the moment, such eBay orders don't show up in my Magento orders list, and when I look at the M2E sales section, I see them listed with the following warning; "Magento Order was not created. Reason: Order Creation Rules were not met. Press Create Order Button at Order View Page to create it anyway." But, if I try to create the Magento order from the order view page, I get this error; Magento Order was not created. Reason: "City" is a required value. "Country" is a required value. "Street Address" is a required value. Any assistance would be much appreciated. Thanks, Dan
  16. Hello, We are running product import from ERP system and everything is working apart that it is incredibly slow if M2Epro is enabled at the time of product import, taking sometimes more than 10 seconds per product (8 store views on t2.xlarge aws) Is it possible to turn off the M2Epro for the time of full product import(we run it once in couple months) and then turn it back on and sync properly?
  17. Hi, I seem to have started to see issue where my stock level is on 1, and I sell an item on ebay, that the revise to the product is setting the ebay listing back to 1. Meaning it thinks I have this item in stock. I'm not then getting an order created for the second purchase and I do then actually have the physical inventory. The second purchase does then cause the ebay listing to go down to 0 and hidden. This is causing me massive issues as now this week alone I have made 3 ebay sales for products I no longer have in stock. Has anyone seen this issue before and have any suggestions?
  18. Hello, we are trying to update markets on ebay or amazon (Configuration > marketplaces -> update All). Everytime we hit 'update all' button we get an error in synchronization log - There was an attempt to write to the Lock Item which is not exists Anyone had simmilar issue ?
  19. Hello, yesterday I had to delete a product from M2E Pro because it was mapped to a wrong product in Magento and I couldn't figure out how to remap to the correct product. After deleting the product from M2E it was also deleted from Amazon. So I listed the product again on Amazon and was waiting for this listing to appear in my 3rd Party Listings section in M2E to map it to the correct product. After 24 hours the product hasn't appeared in the 3rd Party Listings. Is there an option to sync manually or do I have to create the listing in M2E manually? Best regards Marc
  20. Hi, I could not find any information if it is possible for M2E after generating he ASIN with Amazon to feed that information back to the Magento product. We have a Magento attribute for the ASIN but do not want to have to manually copy/paste the ASIN into the product attributes once M2E automatically listed it on Amazon from Magento. Basically we want the following process: Make a product on Magento with an empty attribute for ASIN -> M2E takes product, makes listing for Amazon and generates an ASIN -> M2E reports back the ASIN and writes it into the empty Magento attribute. Can this b done somehow?
  21. Hi, I have a few problems and question related to M2E and hope someone can help. I made a new article in Magento and managed to get it automatically listed via Amazon (we are trying to optimize ou processes). I did not have the attributes automatically linked to the Amazon attributes so now the article basically only has a name and a price. Now I set up that set of configuration so M2E can convert the Magento attributes into Amazon ones and it even states on the product in the listing view: Item Details, e.g. Condition Note, Gift Message, Gift Wrap, Item Description, Shipping or Product Tax Code settings, need to be updated on Amazon. To submit new Item Details, apply the Revise action. Use the Advanced Filter to select all Items with the Details changes and update them in bulk. I did this yesterday evening, so roughly 19 hours ago and yet no change, the article on Amazon has not changed. Does anyone have an idea why not and maybe point me in the right direction? On a side note, is it even possible to change the title of a product (which is our own with EAN nr etc. and nobody else is selling it) AT ALL and via Magento/M2E more specifically?
  22. Hi! I have same issue with magento after last security patch. Same reason asking for at least 7 characters in the password. Is fixed in last version of the m2epro extension or someone can share any patch? Thank you!
  23. ndod2016 is correct. Thanks! However, you can temporarily disable these lines from /vendor/magento/module-sales/Model/Order , in order to keep the configurations. if (!filter_var($address->getEmail(), FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL)) { $warnings[] = 'Email has a wrong format'; } My issue started right after upgrading to magento 2.3.4 and the latest version of M2ePro. I hope we can find a solution for this.
  24. Looks like the images don't meet eBay's requirements. The first thing I would verify is that pictures are at least 500 pixels on the longest side (that is one of eBay's recommendations). You may find this guide helpful, eBay describes the requirements for photos here. I hope this helps
  25. Hi, it means M2E can not get the access via MWS Auth token to your Amazon account. Try to contact Amazon Support and verify the status of your account, make sure it is not blocked or suspended. Then try to connect account again to M2E. Sometimes your browser page may get cached and show the same error, so it's better to clear the caches before linking account.
  26. Hello everyone, I have the problem that M2E do not create a new costumer with new Amazon order. All configs are set (Create New) but I get only the order. Have anyone the same problem or a solution? Thanks in advance.
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