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  2. Do NOT upgrade to Magento 2.2.3 yet.

    @gman86 , the issue has been fixed in 1.3.3. Here are Release Notes.
  3. Do NOT upgrade to Magento 2.2.3 yet.

    I am about to upgrade my magento to 2.2.3. Can anyone confirm this was fixed in the latest release v1.3.3
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  5. Do NOT upgrade to Magento 2.2.3 yet.

    This is the exact error I have on all my ebay and amazon sales. Has the fix been made public? I just send a message to support so hopefully it can be fixed quickly.
  6. Apparently there was a fix to repair this error I'm getting in M2EPro Version 1.3.3 but it doesn't seem to be working on my site. This error appears on all my ebay and amazon sales. None of the orders will go through to my magento orders list. It's version is Magento 2.2.3. This is causing major problems as obviously we have to process orders manually and they're not showing on our overall magento orders. Is there a code fix for this or a reason that this happens? Has a patch for this problem been released? ERROR: Magento Order was not created. Reason: Please check the shipping address information. Invalid value of "1" provided for the regionId field.
  7. Headers already sent error

    Can confirm, this is working! Thanks!
  8. Change price on ebay vs on website

    @Lori, certainly. If you need your Items selling on eBay/Amazon be more expensive/cheaper than your Magento Product, just set up the Price Change in Price, Quantity and Format/Selling Format Policies accordingly (you can find it in the Price block).
  9. Hello, A customer of mine is running old M2E 5.0.3 on Magento 1.6 and wants to upgrade to M2E 6.4.10 or .13. The upgrade attempt using this procedure failed with errors "table 'm2epro_config' doesn't exist" in m2epro_upgrade_errors.log as the upgrade procedure destroys this table and does not rebuild it. Restoring the table from archive reveals other tables in bad shape (missing columns, etc). In testing deleting all M2E accounts and listings, upgrading to 6.4.10, and then setting up the accounts again works. Upgrading a working M2E configuration from 5.0.3 to 6.4.x fails though. Has anyone bumped into an issue like that? Is there a place to download older M2E 5.x versions so I try going up in smaller steps? I found down to 6.3.6 here, but none of the 5.x versions. Thanks
  10. Bulky Goods

    I missed to set the "notify me" option... for this post.. ;-)
  11. Bulky Goods

    Hi, is there a possibility to set the otion for bulky goods via M2E? We can only set the ebay shipping tables to be used but no option to sync the bukly goods status to be able to have different shipping costs for thess products. Any Ideas? Thank you in advance Timo
  12. Calculated Shipping

    I believe, it's calculated on eBay
  13. Calculated Shipping

    I believe, it's calculated on eBay
  14. Calculated Shipping

    I believe, it's calculated on eBay
  15. Calculated Shipping

    I believe, it's calculated on eBay
  16. Want to change magento product status

    No, I have listed my product on the eBay store from Magento 2 platform using the m2epro extension, but the product has 5 more custom status. so I want to change the product status when the order is placed on the eBay store and eBay hit the cron and decrease the inventory of the product at that time I want to change the product status also because my product has only 1Qty once sold then product will mark as sold in Magento. Please assist me, how I can achieve this.
  17. Hello! I am using M2E Pro for ebay and amazon listings, I am wondering if there is a way to disable items on Magento if an item is listed for auction on Ebay or Amazon. Thanks in advance for all the help. Kind Regards Faisal
  18. Hi, I am looking at how to modify our first class shipping policy to make sure our listings are within scope for eBays Premium Service. Their description is here: This shows that any items posted using Royal Mail First Class now needs to be advertised with Royal Mail First Class Letter. This option is not shown in the M2EPro shipping policy options. How do I go about making these changes?
  19. Calculated Shipping

    For the shipping charges in my listing, I've set "Calculated" and "Fed Ex Ground or Home...." as the service. The resulting shipping charge seems really high for the product. I'm still in the testing stages of all this so it could be a variety of settings I need to adjust, but I am wondering where is the cost actually calculated? on the eBay end via an API they have tied in with FedEx?
  20. Want to change magento product status

    Not sure if I understood you correctly... Do you want an item to be stopped after selling e.g. 2 of them, right?
  21. Category Sync Stuck at 3/7

    Hi @2dogrc , usually, it happens when Max Execution Time value on your hosting is too low. I recommend you to check and change it if necessary (360 sec is a minimum value).
  22. Hi, I want to change my product status when the order is placed on the eBay. how we can achieve that in Magento 2 custom module. please suggest me the solution
  23. It sometimes goes flat and sometimes I face the errors so hereby I request you to please fix it as most of the time we face errors.
  24. Running Magento 2.2.2 and all the categories are not available. I Click "Update Now" under America and it get to "Processing Categories data (3/7)" and stalls out. I can't add my products because the category is in the T-'s and this gets to the C's. Any help would be great.
  25. List items on eBay - Automatically

    I suppose the Item is not listed because eBay Primary Categories have not been configured yet (as it is shown in the screenshot). To set up eBay Primary Categories, go to the Settings View Mode. Then you need to select the Items and in the drop-down Actions select the option eBay Primary Category. By the way, when configuring Auto Add/Remove Rules for a particular Listing, you can (as far as I know) predefine eBay Primary Category. It will be assigned to newly added Items automatically, so this tool is very helpful.
  26. I'd like to turn on auto-listing for all products in Magento, though some of our suppliers won't allow certain brands to appear on eBay. Is it possible to create a rule that stops these from being auto-listed?
  27. Fix: 'Magento Order was not created' error even if Magento Order was actually created in some cases Fix: The "Resend Shipping Information" button is not being displayed Fix: "Product that you are trying to add is not available" exception on Magento versions >= 2.1.8. (on new product creating or changing product stock status by QTY reservation during Magento Order creating) Fix: "Cannot create an empty shipment" on Magento version >= 2.2.0 Fix: "Magento Order was not created: This product is out of stock." in some cases on Magento version >= 2.2.0 Fix: "StockItem event doesn't have correct StockItem instance" (on Magento versions >= 2.2.0) Fix: "Unable to save Stock Item" error during product creating on Magento version >= 2.2.0 Fix: "Invalid value of "1" provided for theregionIdfield." during orders creation (on Magento version >= 2.2.3) Fix: Broken content of some Tooltips (on Magento version >= 2.2.3) Fix: PHP memory_limit setting was overridden by lower value during Synchronization in some cases Fix: Do the forcibly setting of an Adminhtml area for the payment info block Fix: 'Class "InterceptorResponser" does not exist' error in some cases Fix: A second line of a street is being imploded with a first one for Magento orders (should be stored separately) Fix: Capital letters for attributes placeholders in a custom description template may cause unexpected errors Fix: "Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in ..." during price calculation (for a Product which is configured to take the price from a Magento Attribute but has no value) Fix: The error message "Invalid attribute name: entity_id" (a space at the start of attribute name) appeared in Listing View Fix: "QTY was changed from [1] to []" instead of correct integer value Fix: "Logs clearing" task does not run Fix: [eBay] "Uncaught ReferenceError: wysiwygdescription_template is not defined" (in some cases) when JS Merge is enabled Fix: [eBay] "Warning: Invalid argument supplied forforeach() in Model/Ebay/Listing/Product/Action/Type/Request.php" when variation was not allowed by configurator during a Revise Action Magento Marketplace Download ( Release Notes
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