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  2. Hello Everyone, I want to synchronize my Magento products to Ebay. From 20 products, it works in 19 cases, which is great! But sometimes I get an error that product attributes are missing, depending on the Ebay product category. For example: I cannot upload a product of the category "computer screen", without the needed attribute "screen size". Is there a way to bypass this, for example that Ebay generates these attributes for me based on the ePID? All my products have correct EAN, UPC, MPN, manufacturer name and ePID values, is Ebay not able to set the required attributes with these informations? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi, why don’t you use Magento’s short description? You can set here less than 50 characters and list your products with this Magento attribute successfully. Or you can choose a Custom value for Description in Description policy and also mention shorter information about the product
  4. You can use M2E to import products from Amazon in Magento. As I know, it can be used 3rd Party Listings for it or other ways to do it. I’m using the 3rd Party and everything is working properly and it is the easiest way to manage products: just import it > Map to Magento products > Move to the listing and that’s it. If you would like to find more information, you can use Documentation:
  5. Hi, change QTY in Magento - this log shows that changes happened directly in Magento. M2E takes the details from Magento Product and sends them on the channel while List/Relist/Revice. So, if you see such logs it is better to check Magento settings for QTY management or tools configurations (if you update Stock by some software).
  6. good afternoon, Yes, the main image is an image of Parent Product. If you want to send images for the Associated (child) Products on eBay, you need to choose Gallery Images for them. I used this guide to configure images for my product
  7. hi, I had the same problem with part of my Inventory, contacted the support team and they explained that the error is returned when Magento cannot return variational data to M2e pro on automatic revise action. I was suggested to upgrade to the latest version and it helped!! no errors now
  8. hi, check if you have option Create Product and Order enabled in Account Setting - Order . If so, disable it Hope it will help you)
  9. Hi you can find in your Client`s Portal - Billing History but you may find the invoice for current month only after the end of the billing period
  10. Where can I find the Invoices for current month?
  11. Hi try to create new extension key in Client`s Portal > Extension keys and then put it in your Magento under Amazon > Settings > License
  12. Hello, I have really urgent question! I have recently changed the domain and IP. Nothing works for Amazon:( .What should I do? thanks in advance for the quick reply
  13. Hello, check your payment method, it seems bank transfer is selected. It is used only for annual plans. I had the same question and Support told to change it to Credit Card or Paypal.
  14. Hi, can somebody help me? I cannot choose monthly plans, only annual plans are available Thanks.
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  16. Hello Martyn, thank you for posting your question on our Forum. You can update the Item Specifics for your eBay Products from the Listing -> Settings View Mode by clicking on the Categories&Specifics action from the Action menu: Or do it in a bulk under eBay -> Categories: To learn more about the eBay Item Specifics management via M2E Pro, you're welcome to check this article and this documentation guide.
  17. I've searched the forum and found two threads about You have to select Magento Variation but I can't find the answers. So, what action shall I do to resolve this issue? This notification shows on a listing with active status.
  18. Hi everyone! I have a problem: magento tracking numbers and express couriers name will not been imported in sellercentral. So my customers don't received them. Amazon orders automatically switched to "expedited" but they haven't courier details. Could someone help me? Thanks Vincenzo
  19. Hi, Ebay have now made the following item specifics mandatory "Brand, Type and Model". I have these details in Magento attributes already but I cannot find where i map the magento attributes to the mandatory eBay item specifics. Within magento i am following this path DASHBOARD > EBAY integration > M2EPro > LISTING GROUP > EDIT SETTINGS ddl > SELLING > Edit Description Policy > eBay Catalog Identifiers > Brand under eBay Catalog Identifiers only BRAND is present to be assigned, can someone tell me where "TYPE & MODEL" are? Thanks Martyn
  20. I have an ecommerce store which is created on Magento framework. As, it is considered the best framework when it comes to the ecommerce store. The store is hosted on Cloudways powered specialized Managed Magento hosting service. I have plans of running an online store through affiliate business model. Where the products will be imported from amazon and I will be using my marketing tactics to earn the comission on every sale. I am looking for the suggestions regarding best plugins or extension for Magento to do the work.
  21. Hi Had the same error returned, upgrade to the latest version was of help and fixed it
  22. Hi, faced the same issue recently. There can be different reasons for this, see what I have checked – the first thing, check your synch logs: amazon – help center – health status – developers area – synch logs. Usually there are logs which indicates the reason – check php error logs – check cron job – if nothing above is the case, contact support team, maybe they will be able to help.
  23. Hi Amazon does not always allow you to display your info if you list under existing ASIN. Channel has its own logic and it compares sellers` description and whom is the best – so that info is displayed. But you can try to provide the details in Description Policy in M2E Pro and then assigned it to the product(s). When the details are rivesed, you will see whether your product description is applied or not.
  24. Hello Anzhelika, All the subscription and billing-related notifications including the Invoices are sent to the registration email address of your customer account on the Client's Portal. If you want to change it, you're welcome to follow the steps from this article.
  25. I got this error at the top of ebay and amazon page " M2E Pro has detected, that your System Configuration does not meet minimum requirements, so there might be problems with its work. Please check it and amend appropriate Settings." but my php.ini is set 2048M and my hosting provider checked as well. But my
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