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  2. Qty Sync Issue

    Sent a message to m2e pro who looked into it for me and applied a patch which fixed it, this patch will be out soon in the latest release.
  3. Headers already sent error

    I got a response from M2E and it works
  4. Order Importing

    Oh, now I understand what you mean. Neither can I. But if this feature is important to you, you can write your ideas here, and the feature can be implemented in next versions
  5. Newbie problem wir image upload to ebay

    Hi, maybe it is connected to eBay Picture Service Cache. I have found some information in M2E Knowledge Base, this should help
  6. adzeon, have you checked whether your attribute value is located in the appropriate store view?
  7. Headers already sent error

    I am having the exact same issue. Would love a solution to this.
  8. Earlier
  9. Hi, i´m quite new to magento.... is would like to start to sell on ebay and amazon. at the moment i have on magento installation (2.2.2) in my private network, behind firewall etc... the magento server has access to internet. i got m2e up and running. products are listed on ebay. the magento server can't reached from outside. i have some problems with the item images .... if i try to add the pictures with eps, the log shows: "Can't upload product image on eBay (" if i use self-hosted, ebay complains about error with picture .... Can somebody help ? Thanks in advance Lars
  10. M2EPro Migration Wizard

    Note: I haven't activated the extension yet, is that necessary?
  11. M2EPro Migration Wizard

    I just upgraded / migrated our shop from M1 to M2.2.2 and try to use M2EPro's own migration tool, but I cannot even find it. The documentation tells me: But I can only enable and disable the extension, no Wizard is to be seen anywhere.
  12. Hello, I am having a similar issue but still I receive " Item was not added, Brand is missing. " I already see my attribute name corresponding the Brand which is "Marka" and this is already filled out in Magento product detail. (marka means brand in Turkish). And manufacturer is also filled out in the product detail with manufacturer Here is my magento product detail setting Here is my m2epro description policy setting I did everything I know. Including creating new listing and description policy. Why do I still receive this error message? Any idea? Thanks a lot in advance Murat
  13. We've been getting this error all morning on Magento 2.2: Magento Order was not created. Reason: SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1103 Incorrect table name '', query was: INSERT INTO `` () VALUES ( Any help will be appreciated.
  14. Order Importing

    Yes but we need to create magento orders with Ebay code creating a prefix for every Ebay Selling Channel. This is possible for Amazon orders and we do it; but i can't do it for Ebay Orders. Can you ?
  15. Amazon Product Tax Code for Products v1.9x

    Oh, sorry... I am using another version. As far as I know, it is non-public now. I have contacted M2E support and asked them to upgrade me. In my opinion, you should do the same. Hope, this helps.
  16. Amazon Product Tax Code for Products v1.9x

    Please tell me i'm Crazy. I do not see that option. I believe M2E is up to date "6.4.13 (stable) "
  17. Thank you for your help! It was very useful for me.
  18. Order Importing

    Hi! lucaval, why not? I've got the opportunity to filter m2e pro orders by the marketplace. Or you mean some kind of statistics...?
  19. We need to use on M2E Pro custom attributes for Ebay Full Price and Ebay Special Price. Even if Ebay would receive only one of them, we need to fulfill both. As it works for Amazon, when there is Custom attribute Ebay Special Price Value, the system would comunicate this value to Ebay. When there is not, it should communicate the custom attribute Ebay Full Price. Exactly as it yet works for Amazon Prices. Why doesn't M2E Pro work in the same way for Ebay ? It should. We think it would be very usefull.
  20. Order Importing

    Hi, we would need to separate Ebay orders on the basis of the different ebay selling channels. So that we can be aknowledge about how many orders we receive from Ebay.IT /Ebay.FR / Ebay.NL / etc…… The same as we do with Amazon orders. Can we do it also with Ebay orders ? Why not ?
  21. Amazon Product Tax Code for Products v1.9x

    Hi! Go to Sell on Multi-Channels (Amazon) > Policies > Add New > Product Tax Code Policy. So, you can use either Custom Value or Custom Attribute. If you use the latter, please, remember to put the Value into the attribute of appropriate Website.
  22. I assume that something is wrong with your environment, but I am not sure, the investigation is needed. In your case it is necessary to give a support representative an opportunity to check it personally, to see what can be wrong. I just meant that in order to check if everything is alright with your system, support representatives will need your credentials etc. This information is confidential, and it is not a good idea to share it here:)
  23. I though M2ePro Support Team sometimes have a look at their forum.
  24. Hi I'm trying to find any settings for 3rd Party Listings Synchronization in Magento 2.2.2 and Ess_M2ePro 1.3.2. eBay integration -> Settings -> Synchronization -> 3rd Party Synchronization is greyed out and it says that can be set for each account separately. Unfortunately in eBay Integration > Configuration > Accounts I can't find anything about synchronization of 3rd party listings. Either as global settings or for each account. To compare this is how it looks in Magento 1.9 with m2epro. They're global settings for all accounts not for each account separately but it would be good enough for me. Am I missing something there?
  25. Oh, sorry( I also asked my colleague about this kind of issue. He told me that (if I am not mistaking) starting from Magento 2.1.8. the issues can occur if Magento Index is scheduled. As a temporary solution, you can try to enable Immediate Indexing. Hope, this helps. If no, it is better to contact M2E Support Team and ask for a piece of advice.
  26. Thanks for reply but all of this is about Magento 1.9 with m2epro and it works as expected. I'm having problem with Magento 2.2.2 and Ess_M2ePro 1.3.2
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