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  2. All Attribute sets have EAN as an attribute but when I try to pick this existing Attribute in the Description policy for eBay, there is nothing in the drop down menu. There should be many things which are in all attribute sets. Nothing appears. I have tried Create New ... which then adds itself to all attributes and promptly disappears from the dropdown so that is not a workaround. HELP. This is very frustrating.
  3. Those lines don't appear in the version of "app/code/Ess/M2ePro/Helper/Magento/Attribute.php" that I have got. Any other ideas for the same problem
  4. I have the same problem - but they are added to all attribute sets ...
  5. Hi Our Amazon Marketplace orders only seem to drop into M2E at a rate of circa 80 per hour (we also have, fewer, eBay orders dropping in). I'd like to know why I am seeing this limit: Is it an M2E setting? Is so, how could we increase? Is it related to settings on my server? Could it be an export limit from Amazon? Welcome any help and ideas. Thanks. KC
  6. Good day, Actualy the stock in magento and Amazon are not connected via m2pro because there are some products that I want to handle the stock manually in Amazon. Is there any way to update automatically the stock ONLY in a certain products, but not in all of them? Or once you enable de option to connect the stocks, all the products are connected?
  7. Schuhbidu24

    Magento 2.2.6 Quantities not being updated

    Thanks for your detailed feedback...let's see whether we eventually can spend so much time on that. Still wondering why only eBay doesn't work... Have a nice day!
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  9. aaronknight

    Stop 3rd Party Auto Relisting

    Hi Guys, I've had m2E installed for about a week and it's giving me nightmares. A couple of issues. I previously had Codisto installed which was syncing about 5000+ products, and unfortunately had to remove the extension due to server issues. After installing M2E, I synced up the 3rd party listings and moved them over to the M2E Tab. After this was done, M2E started importing the same listings (now unmapped due to the SKUs already being in use) into the 3rd party tab and relisting them. Meaning I now have a load of duplicate listings in ebay. I've since disabled the relisting & revising settings in the configuration and attempted to stop all the duplicate listings sitting in the 3rd party tab. However each time I do that they resync shortly after and appear as listed again. Any help would be much appreciated.
  10. Hi All, I have an existing eBay store that i want to integrate with Magento 2.2.2 I want to keep continuity for customers and basically have a seamless transition. Has anyone had any experience with this? Thanks, Matt
  11. Unfortunately it is difficult, Magento is a very complex package and it is difficult to find support. It is a high probability that one of your extensions (any of them, not just payment ones) are causing an issue, it could be something you wouldn't imagine would cause a problem such as a blog extension or even an extension supplied as part of a theme. Ultimately what you may have to do is take a full backup and re-install Magento, by which I mean creating a fresh magento directory on your web server by either downloading the package or using composer. then copying your env.php and media files and any locally created themes, to the fresh copy so that it uses your existing data and running the setup:upgrade to ensure that the database is up-to-date. Then adding M2EPro. If that works OK, you can then start adding other extensions one by one until something breaks. I have taken to having a complete duplicate set-up that I can test things on. I have been using Magento from the first release and have struggled with it ever since, despite being a technical person who has experience with managing web servers and some PHP development. Note, one thing that will trip you up when making changes to Magento is that if you have php-opcache then you will need to restart Apache or php-fpm if you use Nginx to clear the php cache of pre-parsed php files.
  12. Schuhbidu24

    Magento 2.2.6 Quantities not being updated

    Hi Darren, thanks for your update; I already deactivated or have even deleted additional payment extensions...I still get the Exception Info: Type: Magento\Framework\Exception\LocalizedException File: /html/magento2/vendor/magento/module-quote/Model/Quote/Item/CartItemPersister.php Line: 81 Frankly spoken I have no clue how to identify potential other extension. M2E support also argued in that direction, however for Amazon orders it do work! ...only for eBay orders that issue persists. Thanks!
  13. Hi Guys Quick query or advise please I get several feeds from suppliers and some items are seasonal. So they come in and out of stock and to save having them block up my live listing I was going to move them to another listing for stopped seasonal items. I am doing this to avoid having to list them again and go through all the item specifics. We sell a mass of different things so I was looking a way of mass moving like 50 to 200 items into another listing group in bulk. But you can only move items in Setting area one at once. Not sure why they do not allow bulk movement from the View Mode Ebay in actions? It seems a very long-winded clunky way of moving items. Or am I doing it wrong? Dale
  14. Hi Guys Is there anywhere i can stop and relist items automatically based on a set of rules, Eg. An item with No Sales for 90 days? When you have 1000's of items it is very intensive to keep an eye on this on a daily basis. Other software's do this but I do not want to use these as they may screw up M2EPro. Dale
  15. Was this update ever implemented? I checked the changelogs for M2E since the last comment in December 2017 and don't see anything that seems to indicate this was updated. I'm running 6.4.13 and don't see any option to select a specific table.
  16. There is a fundamental change in the way Magento 2.2.4 & 2.2.5 onward work. Observers run custom code in response to a specific Magento events, for example when an order is placed. The observers were changed in 2.2.5 and many out-of-date extensions fail. It seems the problem is that when the observer is triggered an error will prevent other events from happening after. In my case an out -of-date payment extension was causing an error that prevented m2epro from completing the quantity update. Check every extension you have added.
  17. Schuhbidu24

    Magento 2.2.6 Quantities not being updated

    Hi there, have you got any update on this? Supports says I should check with my developer however there hasn't been any change expect an upgrade to M2.2.5 and M2E 1.3.5....Besides Amazon works as desired. Interestingly only qty is not updated; the product runs out of stock as supposed to be (if there was only one left). Thanks!
  18. Hi, After upgrading to the latest version of Magento 1.x and following the guide on M2E Pro website for upgrading the software. I receive the following error when accessing the M2E Pro from Magento Admin Panel: Mage registry key "current_real_module_name" already exists Performing a google and forum search did not help. I was wondering if anyone can help me troubleshoot this. Regards, Hussain
  19. @Sanjay, why did you decide to move to Magento2? From our experience, I remember that you need to transfer Magento Data firstly. Just ensure that Product, Store and Order IDs are exactly the same. Otherwise, you will make a mess🙄 BTW, special versions of the Module are needed, as far as I remember, these are for M1 and 1.2.1 for M2. I recommend you contacting M2E Pro team, I am sure they will provide you with more detailed instructions
  20. primavera

    Listing doesn't show bullet points

    @kbuicuong, you need to ensure that this particular Description Policy is assigned to the Products you are having the issue with. You can do it in the Settings View Mode.
  21. primavera

    My ebay looks rubbish!

    Hi @CindysTea, I believe, you need to add more information in the Description Policy. There you will be able to specify the Product description in detail.
  22. @JMC , it's not a bug. CSV-import does not trigger any events M2E Pro is subscribed to. Here you can find some information on how to modify your setup to make the extension "aware of" the Product changes:
  23. Hello Guys, I need to take data from magento 1 m2epro listings to magento 2 m2e pro extension. I dont want to loose my data of magento 1. I am transfarring my all data from magento 1 to magento 2 by using ubertheme migration tool. looking for your positive reply. Thanks
  24. ParkAvenueYarns

    Unable to get token in new ebay Seller Hub

    Disregard, I tracked it down to a security software issue. My browser was set to open eBay in a new "protected" browser. I turned that off and got it to work!
  25. ParkAvenueYarns

    Unable to get token in new ebay Seller Hub

    As an update, I have looked other places. I'm doing exactly what these guys do, but it doesn't take me back to my Admin Panel after I agree on the eBay site. It takes me to my store's homepage.
  26. ParkAvenueYarns

    Unable to get token in new ebay Seller Hub

    I'm following the directions correctly, but I still can't get my token. When I click "get token," it takes me to the eBay page asking if I want to grant M2E permission. I click agree, then it redirects to my own website. It doesn't seem to actually create the token or give me anything I can work with. I'm still seeing this error message: The token for "parkavenueyarns" eBay Account has been expired. Please, go to Sell On eBay > Configuration > eBay Account >General TAB, click on the Get Token Button.(You will be redirected to the eBay website.) Sign-in and press I Agree on eBay Page.Do not forget to press Save Button after returning back to Magento." Of course my browser had already navigated away from the admin panel because when I clicked "get token" it used that browser to go to eBay, then my site. I've even tried this with two browsers up in the admin panel to see if I do save after going through the steps if it may work. No luck. Any ideas? I feel like I'm missing something obvious.
  27. CindysTea

    Added Attributes

    Is it possible to add extra attribute fields in (my my case - Ingredient Attribute) into the ebay integration?
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