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  2. Hi, Amazon europe is requesting to add data for the new european energy labeling. How should these be added in M2E-Pro? We are running Magento 1 with version 6.14.2 of the module. A new attribute called: eu_energy_efficiency_rating should be submitted, and two images should be added: energy_efficiency_image and product_efficiency_image How can this be done with m2e pro? thanks in advance
  3. M2e support sent me this: The new specifics, including "Country of Origin", have been recently implied to our system. In order to provide this value via M2E Pro you need to follow the next steps: 1. Update your Amazon marketplaces by navigating to Amazon > Configuration > Marketplaces > Update all > Save. 2. Navigate to M2E Pro Listing > switch to Setting View mode > find an item > go to Description Policy assigned > and add the specific (for m2, (for M2 and provide a value for it. After this, the products that have this Description policy assigned will be updated correctly with the Country of origin specific provided. I had to set Country Of Origin to CN If you want to pass the country name (China in this case) you need to choose Country String
  4. Same here: Error The "Message/Product/DescriptionData/MerchantShippingGroupName" (UK Shipping Policy) field contains an invalid value. Error A value is missing from one or more required columns from this group: [country_of_origin = null]. I set the COO in the product section, country of origin drop down but it didn't fix the error. No idea what's causing the "Message/Product/DescriptionData/MerchantShippingGroupName" error in the Shipping Policy as there's only 3 fields and none of them match the fields in the error message. Magento 2.3.5-p2 M2ePro 1.14.1
  5. same here as well..., already tried to fix this in description policy, but it seems that this isnt the right way.
  6. Hi, We are having the same issue and have already been in contact with m2e team. Basically as of August, 22nd Amazon requires on all marketplaces this information. The provision can only be done via description policy at the moment. However this does not work since unlike product master data [country_of_origin = null] is specific to each seller, meaning the same product might be shipped from different countries depending who sells it. We basically list new products twice a year (fashion) and sell brands where the ASIN has already been created mainly by the manufacturer - it is impossible to maintain hundreds of description policies. Therefore this is showstopper to us. Even though we have spend quite some thousand of EURO on m2e we are looking already into alternatives since they cannot come up with any timeline or something. Best regards
  7. Hi Frankye I have had the same problem for a few days. But I can't find a solution Magento 2.4.0 Noz
  8. Hi all, I cannot enter products - I have an error response: A value is missing from one or more required columns from this group: [country_of_origin = null]. Magento 2.4.1 Thanks for help Frankye
  9. Hello I have communicated with the m2epro support and they told me that I should put that topic here. Here is the issue: We want to start creating promotions such as Volume pricing, Shipping discount, Sale event + markdown, Order discount or Coupon (basically every single available promotion on eBay) directly through m2epro, but the support told us that this is not possible. "Currently, tier price (volume price) functionality is not supported in the eBay integration of M2E Pro. Still, you can set up this feature on eBay directly using the instructions presented here. I believe your request is worth the attention of our developers and other M2E Pro users. If you could share your idea on our forum, we will appreciate it a lot: eBay - Our R&A team regularly checks suggestions that our users leave to find out what improvements could benefit them the most. For us, it's important to update M2E Pro based on our customers' requests. The more users support your idea, the greater the implementation priority it will have. If the option is developed for future module versions, its implementation will be announced in our release notes for M1 and M2. Thank you for making M2E Pro better." That was their exact answer. So my question is is it possible to create such promotions from m2epro on eBay (we have all of the configurations and etc properply)? And if not when it is going to be possible?? Thank you in advance.
  10. wow... im happy to still be on the legacy version of DHL ...
  11. The new DHL shipping version does not support shipping methods for non-online shop orders anymore...which is ridiculous... We build a workaround to manipulate DB records and process orders, however having issues with properly transferring tracking and carrier codes but it works... We are now testing sendcloud integration that supports multi carrier interfaces. BR
  12. Hi, I have set the checkbox for "same remember mode" after adding new products to a listing (see attchment). I wanted to try out whether this function had any advantages. But I can't find a way to reverse this setting. How can I withdraw this function now? I would like to be able to make the settings for each new article again. Do I have to delete the listing? Could someone help me? Have a nice day!
  13. Amazon Integration I am always get thisk kind of error to our diiferent amazon integration account. For our Australia marketplace, it is working but Italy is not. I have manage to fixed the Italy by creating new configuration and setting manually in our europe marketplace. But when I tried to list more product in our Australia, I'm now getting the same error while Italy is still working. I have checked the 'Manage you Apps' settings in our Amazon account and everything is correct. Not sure why I'm having this problem. Please help. Thanks!
  14. Hi, We are migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2. Original M1 integration with Amazon is not by M2E Pro. We dont want to test new Amazon integration on real Account and threaten current business there. Amazon doesnt provide Sanbox environment as eBay. How would you recommend to procced? Thx
  15. Hi Alessandro, have you solved this issue? Seems that Amazon is Expecting a value like "numeric_42" while on Magento we have only value "42", you find a solution for this? Thank you so much
  16. Hello We have just changed from M1 to M2, when the carriage description is imported from eBay it shows this in order. eBay Shipping - Other 24 Hour Courier | Ship By Date: Jul 23, 2021, 23:59:59 | £4.96 We have shipping rules for courier label software setup to see "eBay Shipping - Other 24 Hour Courier", we can't do a contains so it says invalid shipping rule to print label. Having constantly changing variable (Date) will never work. Is there anywhere we can set it to just import the first bit like it did in M1? A quick response would be very helpful Cheers Rob
  17. The problem was a wrong tax configuration in Magento. we put in the configuration correct and all orders M2ePro are now shipable with DHL
  18. Does this exist yet? If not it should be a feature request.
  19. I am getting this error and followed the doc However, I have a custom shipping extension that is required for my business that I cant turn off. Any ideas how I can fix this?
  20. Problem still exists here in Magento 2.4.2 and latest versions of DHL and M2E. Any News on this?
  21. but not getting any response from your support site they are keep asking for credentials ..even after sent the credentials
  22. M2E Pro is currently under maintenance Inventory and Order synchronization is not running. The Module interface is unavailable. M2E Pro can be put under maintenance automatically due to the following reasons: Module installation failed, e.g. due to the incorrect installation via Magento Component Manager, incompatibility of Magento and its Modules, or other technical issues. Module upgrade failed, e.g. due to the improper M2E Pro tables updating or php %magento2_installation_dir%/bin/magento setup:upgrade command running. i have given all the credentials but still not getting any resolution .. Is this the way you gyz are supporting us .
  23. According to ebay certain providers have the capability to add videos to the listing image gallery. Is this on M2E's roadmap?
  24. Hi to all, since last amazon policy update i'm unable to sync the products in the shirts category and get the following error message: Value "42", that were sent for the Specific "ShirtSize", is invalid. Please, enter a valid value and try again. he value "42" set for one of the specifics is invalid. Please set the correct value which should be similar to one of the following [numeric_00,... numeric_42,... eg, egg] and try again. In the rule i've added the "Shirt size" and "Shirt Size Class (numeric)" specifics so, what's wrong? THX Alessandro Carillo
  25. The module has been working perfectly for the first 30 days making an integration between amazon and Magento 2. But after these 30 days. It won't let me subscribe to the service. the m2epro panel tells me the following: To start your 30-day free trial, install M2E Pro on your Magento and complete the initial set-up. while magento says: Work with this Account is currently unavailable for the following reason:You do not have active subscription on to work with M2E Pro. I need help,please
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