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  2. Hey Andy, I know that M2E allows 12 or 13 digit EAN, but it is very important that the code is valid (you can check the validation using the UPC validator). And the 'ItemPackageQuantity' is always better keep set to “None" in your Description policy. Recently I had kind of the same case and I checked Amazon drafts where I was able to adjust some attributes. Try to do the same. And yes I know, it takes some time to list the product on Amazon because Amazon submits and checks the product data. Cheers. Good luck.
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  4. Hi Alexander, During the last couple of months, M2E team has been monitoring updates of the new managed payment regulations. According to eBay, the enrollment into the Managed Payments program will happen gradually. M2E development team has been closely reviewing the related API announcements and release notes. The developers confirmed that the seller's enrollment into the new eBay managed payment will not affect any listings within M2E Pro. For now, you can just ignore the warning notices.In the future M2E Pro version, 'Managed Payments' option will also become available among the other methods in the Payment Policy. M2E Team will continue observing the situation to ensure M2E Pro compatibility with the channel changes.
  5. Hi! Well, M2E Pro solution works by taking information that you choose for your listing from Magento Catalog and sending it to the marketplaces. Changing any information in your Magento is not a purpose here. That's why you can’t find information about your question. I suppose feeding Magento with the ready ASINs is something your developers could do. After your products are assigned with ASINs, you can take that information from the database and put it in Magento attribute. That way, it would be something similar to the process that you want.
  6. You need to set your synchonisation policy to automatically sync on any changes for them to update automatically. You might just need to check some settings.
  7. If we select all items after updating the tax rate and update them on eBay, the changed tax rate will be transferred. Simply changing the selling policy does not trigger an update of the items listed on ebay, although we have to confirm a corresponding M2E notice.
  8. How I can set the eBay-Payment as payment method. eBay will not longer accept PayPal. So I get a lot of notices during the listing.
  9. We have changed the VAT rate in the selling policies. Unfortunately, the change will not be transferred to eBay. Does anyone have a tip on what that could be?
  10. Each environment is unique and it's hard to assume what could lead to the maintenance mode in your particular case. That is why we recommend contacting our Support Team if such situation arises. To be able to check all the details, the Support Team needs to have access to your Magento admin panel. And in most cases, it's also required to have access to CPanel/SSH access to be able to investigate the situation and assist you in sorting the issue out. M2E Support Team understands the importance of such situations, such requests are always marked as a high priority and are forwarded to the technicians right away.
  11. Hi, I'm trying to list plants on Amazon. I have barcodes, bought and paid for from GS1 but can't get anything to list. Errors include 'ItemPackageQuantity' needs to not be 0 (it's 1, or sometimes I don't even have it selected), 'barcode isn't recognised'. I have tried the bear minimum of settings - all the 'required' ones look OK. The only thing I can think of is the barcode. We are using EAN-13 barcodes - does M2epro need the whole 13 digits, or just the first 12 (as Amazon does with manual product creation)? Otherwise I don't know what else to try. Settings at the moment. Description policy - Marketplace: UK, Category: Home & Garden > Garden & Outdoors > Categories > Plants, Seeds & Bulbs > Outdoor Plants > Herbs (4224857031), New ASIN/ISBN creation: Yes, Product ID override: No, UPC/EAN: Barcode (my magento attribute). No 'Specifics' selected. The brands and manufactures are custom values, price is price, description is 'short description' and image is image. Every else is left as is. Any insight into what I might be doing wrong would be gratefully received. As a post-script, it's also taking an hour and half from listing the product, to M2epro telling me that it can't be listed. Is this normal? TIA
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  13. Upgraded using Magento Connect, now M2E Pro gives message: M2E Pro is currently under maintenance The Module interface is unavailable and the background tasks stop running. Service can be put under maintenance automatically due to the following reasons: Module installation failed, e.g. due to the incorrect installation via Magento Component Manager, incompatibility of Magento and its Modules or other related technical issues. Module upgrade failed, e.g. due to the improper M2E Pro tables updating. Please contact M2E Pro Support Team to resolve the issue. I have tried upgrading using the manual method, but still the same. I have a support ticket open, but only had initial response asking me to submit credentials. This is critical, as orders are unable to update to eBay and Amazon that we have shipped, no new orders and downloading and stock is going to get out of sync! We also can't complete the migration to M2 until this is resolved, and that needs to be done by tomorrow!!! Where the HELL is support?
  14. Hi there! It's not M2E Pro but Magento problem, my dev was able to fix it for me. Now all the middle name part is just added to the first name field
  15. Hey, If you have both live and staging domain sites under the same license, you should know that two instances with the same M2E Pro setup can lead to double synchronization. To avoid any duplicates you should disable all the synchronization. Eg. If you are not going to use M2E Pro in one of the instances - you can disable M2E Pro (System > Configuration > Channels). Or if you are planning to use M2E Pro on both instances you should disable Inventory synchronization and Magento orders creation. You can disable it here: marketplace > Configuration > Synchronization / Accounts. In case you want to test on another account you need to delete your live account first (BUT please note that you should do it JUST via Database (NOT via the interface!) because otherwise your live instance account may be affected, if you delete it from the test instance then it will not work in your live instance ) and after you will be able to add a Sandbox account. Good luck.
  16. I thought It was at the time but soon after I found we had some attribute sets hidden from the web back-end, fun times.
  17. Is your 'hb_brand' attribute added to all Magento attribute sets?
  18. I have this issue too. Anything except the first and last words get plonked into the middle name field which is then ignored. In my case I use Royal mail click and drop but I imagine it's the same with most couriers. Not only company names that are a problem, but the occasional customer who puts the first line of their address in the name name box in ebay. So something like "1 Acacia Avenue" becomes "1 Avenue" Anyone have an easy or simple fix? M2E Pro weren't that interested when I reported it as they said it was intended behaviour and not a bug
  19. Hi on friday we have upgraded our shop to Magento 2.3.5 and at the same time we have updated to 1.6.0. Unfortunately I don't have a working sandbox account from ebay, that's why we only noticed in the production environment that the synchronisation of the stock doesn't work properly anymore. When selling on ebay, an order with a stock reservation is created in Magento. Afterwards the old stock is transferred to ebay again. I have searched a little bit for the reason for this. My opinion is that it is due to the observers of the event cataloginventory_stock_item_save_after. If Magento inventory (MSI) is enabled, it will only update the stock in the msi inventory if it has received the same event via an observer. This is always done after the stock has been updated on ebay. Unfortunately m2e pro does not detect the inventory itself and the value on ebay remains wrong. Is there any way to turn this off? Here's an example: The stock changed from 22 to 20 on ebay due to an ebay order. On 12:11:50 m2epro created an order in Magento and created a reservation for 2 units in inventory_reservation (stock in default source is 22 - 20). When m2epro changed the stock in ebay directly back to 22. Only a manual start of the synchronisation changes the quantity in ebay back to 20. Kind regards, Markus
  20. After Updating to M2ePro 6.6.0 (Magento we are not able to generate credit memos. In the error logs I can see, that there is a problem with loading several models via Mage::getModel. PHP message: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function handle() on boolean in /app/code/community/Ess/M2ePro/Observer/Creditmemo.php:47 The Model Ess_M2ePro_Model_Amazon_Order_Creditmemo_Handler can not be instantiated. In the file config.xml there is a part where the models are defined and it seems due to this change the models can not be created. <!-- Observer dir. was moved outside of Model dir. --> <M2ePro_Observer> <class>Ess_M2ePro_Observer</class> </M2ePro_Observer> Is anybody facing the same issues after the update? Thanks, Stephanie
  21. I heard so many positive reviews about Magento, it is definitely one of the best system for ecommerce
  22. For anyone else who runs into this, apparently you have to clear the cache and setup:upgrade and recompile if you're running in production mode.
  23. After successfully completed the Amazon integration there are no sub menus in Magento 2.3.3 for editing Policies, managing listings, adding new listings etc... When I click Amazon Integration I just get a message that says This wizard was already finished. Please Contact Us, if it is need.
  24. Hi, We had used a dropdown attribute (c2c_brand_logo as shown in attached pictures) as our brand attribute in M2E configurations before moving to a different attribute code (hb_brand), now it isn't appearing in the selection dropdown for any policy, etc. Was this an option we had custom implemented in back end configs or is there someway of exposing drop down attributes to M2E in the gui backend. Thanks, Chris
  25. Update 'Save and continue edit' strips the css. 'Save and back' appears to retain the code and update ebay with the css included. Has anyone else found this to be the case?
  26. I have an ebay template which i use for all my items and at the top of the html I have a css style list inside a style tag. When putting this into the wysiwyg html editor it all gets stripped out and all my ebay listings are looking like crap. This appears to be a recent thing but i'm struggling to find a fix. I may have to list everything with inline styles. Is there a quick fix to resolve this? Is it an ebay or m2epro problem?
  27. Hello, we are copying our productive Magento 2 shop to a test environment for developing. What is the best way to stop the synchronisation of the developing system with the live ebay account? Is there even a command line approach we can add in to our copy script? I can not switch the Ebay account to a sandbox account, since it is grayed.
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