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  2. Unlocking a cash application account does not allow you to pay for the application in cash. You can follow the steps to unlock cash app account. First, enter your email address and password to access your cash account.To get the money, you have the option to contact the support team. You can request to zip your application so you can pay a friend, but you can contact us on the website. You can also get it.
  3. However you get the cash app refund from the cash application. Although, you just need to follow the instructions of the automatic telephone, call 855-351-2274. If you want to contact scroll down and click Contact Support below. Connect. Second, find your problem. Accordingly, click Contact Support. However, you should visit our website for more help in applying the money.
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  5. After checking on the installation files in the folder where it creates the tables found where the "cancelation_status" belongs to and added it to the table. Btw, the table is the m2epro_ebay_order Let's see if there are no other issues
  6. Hi, After upgrading to the latest version following the instructions of replacing files I get the error below when going to Ebay->Orders. Where should this column be created?
  7. For anyone looking, this is because the table name is too long if you use a table prefix. 64 is the max table name size and this is 64 chars so with a table prefix it's too long. This means the table doesn't get created so when they try to rename it later (as a fix), it breaks. I manually created this with the shorter name (walmart_template_selling_format_shipping_override) and patched the upgrade files and this seemed to resolve the issue.
  8. I'm upgrading a clients website and I have the following error: Table Name [walmart_template_selling_format_shipping_override_service] does not exist. This is stopping the module from running and the clients site is down. Anyone know why this table has not been created?
  9. To stop your css links being stripped out you can create a product attribute and add them to the description that way. For example Make a product attribute in Magento called "ebay-css" that is a text field or area. Add the new attribute to your attribute sets Go to a product admin page and in the field for the attribute "ebay-css" enter the css link as it would normally be in the html head, like <link href="" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"> In the M2E description editor, use the "Insert Customs" button to insert the "ebay-css" attribute at the top Save the description policy and revise the product. It should now be linking to the style sheet nicely.
  10. Hi Cralls, thank you for this post and the solution. I ran into exactly the same issue. In my case flush the magento cache (bin/magento cache:flush) worked. So not setup:upgrade needed.
  11. As titled. Imported FBA orders are reducing our FBA stock. Manage stock is turned off in M2E settings. Are there any other configurations that need to be set for best practise? At the moment it would seem the only alternative would be to stop importing FBA orders. Thanks
  12. We have many configurable products in our magento2 webshop, but simple products don't have any description text, since they are not visible individually. Can we set up m2epro to take product descriptions from parent items instead of child items?
  13. Hello @Peter A Thank you for asking a this query. Unfortunaltly I don't use the M2E pro extension but use a different extension related to inventory management. MageMob Inventory – a Magento 2 Inventory Management Extension helps you seamlessly manage different aspects of your store inventory along with the store backend from desktop and mobile. Its exclusive features include: Management of suppliers Management of purchase orders Management of inventory log and product stocks
  14. Also Qty is not updating when stock levels are changed
  15. I have a issue caused by the M2E Pro shipping method, I have never used this method (it has always been disabled) because we give free shipping on all orders but I'm now getting the following errors: QTY was not reserved. Reason: Shipping method "M2E Pro Shipping" is disabled in Magento Configuration. Magento Order was not created. Reason: Shipping method "M2E Pro Shipping" is disabled in Magento Configuration. This is becoming an major issue and we need to resolve it asap, any help would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Hello, We use M2E Pro to update quantities across our eCommerce selling platforms. We also use a repricing tool (informed) to set prices individually across those platforms. A few weeks ago an issue started happening where the repricing tool would set the price, and then something changed the price back to what it's set to in Magento. This happens every few minutes, over and over again. We cannot seem to pin down the issue, I've gone through every M2E Pro setting trying to figure out what's causing this issue. We've been using this system for years without issues until a few weeks ago. Any ideas? Please help! Thanks!
  17. Hello, I have a Question to this article: Specifics ( When I look at the item specifics in Seller Central, I find fields for "Product Dimensions" and "Package Dimensions" why I can't find these values in M2E. That would be very helpful as we ship very light but extremely large items. As a result, Amazon does not accept our freight costs and would also like to have both fields filled out. I'm looking forward to a soon replay. BR Alexander
  18. Yes we are very interested in ability to import customisation details from amazon back into magento from Amazon Custom products. Any update on this? Ian
  19. Hi I am unable to list products on Magento on Amazon as the description policy is not linked to the product. How do I link a product or sku to a description policy? Any help on this would be much appreciated.
  20. Hello, I have a question. We have placed a configurable article on eBay. Now we would have to transfer a picture from the child item to ebay. So far, only the images from the configurable article are shown. Is that possible somehow? Cheers Alexander
  21. A Fresh Install of the latest version on Magneto 2.4.1. I try to Add Description Policy and when i click save it does nothing, no errors, I also cant click on preview on the description section. Anyone else had this issue?
  22. Hi, friends I had the same problem until recently, so I asked their support about it. And it turned out that the cause was in the weight of my product. According to magento logic, if there is no weight, then the product counts as a virtual product, which does not require shipping as they are not physical entities. As a result Magento does not display Shipping address in the orders.
  23. I am not getting Ebay order emails when they come in Magetno, I get emails for orders through the site & I used to get them from ebay orders on m1. I have my email address in sales, sales emails Send Order Email Copy To. I can't spot an option in M2epro to get this setup. Any one got any ideas how I can get these emails so I don't miss them & get problems with my ebay account.
  24. Hello everybody, I have the same problem. I found the appropriate setting in M2e and set it to 5 days. But how do I get the value transferred to Amazon, especially with existing offers? On eBay, such changes are updated directly in the background. At Amazon, even a manual update doesn't help. In M2e the status is "[Revise is Scheduled ...]" but even after a successful execution, Sellercentral still shows a processing time of 2 days. I would be really happy about any help. many Greetings Alexander
  25. Hello, is it possible to modify the handling time for amazon products order? When we receive an Amazon order, we have a certain time available to ship the order. Is it possible to change this time via m2e? If yes how? Many thanks in advance Alexander Schmidt
  26. Hiya, I'm having the same issue, have you managed to sort this out.
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