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    Amazon has increased search terms characters up to 1000 words. But M2E pro plugin shows error when I try to Search Terms more than 50 characters.
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    I also face the same issue in amazon search terms .please help us in the issue and m2e pro try update the following setting if its in your side.?
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    Have spoken to support@m2epro.com. There was a problem with a removed/not created Store in Magento, which M2E uses in Listings. They fixed it remotely and changed on default store. It all seems to be working now.
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    Unfortunately it is difficult, Magento is a very complex package and it is difficult to find support. It is a high probability that one of your extensions (any of them, not just payment ones) are causing an issue, it could be something you wouldn't imagine would cause a problem such as a blog extension or even an extension supplied as part of a theme. Ultimately what you may have to do is take a full backup and re-install Magento, by which I mean creating a fresh magento directory on your web server by either downloading the package or using composer. then copying your env.php and media files and any locally created themes, to the fresh copy so that it uses your existing data and running the setup:upgrade to ensure that the database is up-to-date. Then adding M2EPro. If that works OK, you can then start adding other extensions one by one until something breaks. I have taken to having a complete duplicate set-up that I can test things on. I have been using Magento from the first release and have struggled with it ever since, despite being a technical person who has experience with managing web servers and some PHP development. Note, one thing that will trip you up when making changes to Magento is that if you have php-opcache then you will need to restart Apache or php-fpm if you use Nginx to clear the php cache of pre-parsed php files.
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    @JMC , it's not a bug. CSV-import does not trigger any events M2E Pro is subscribed to. Here you can find some information on how to modify your setup to make the extension "aware of" the Product changes: https://docs.m2epro.com/display/BestPractice/Programmatic+Possibilities+to+work+with+Extension
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    Hi! I also needed this feature. I contacted M2E Support Team and they informed me that the option of using Custom Attribute in Handling Time will be available in the next version.
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    Hi, Thankfully got this sorted a few days after I posted about it, can't remember what the problem was but it's all good now Thanks
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    We list bundle product on eBay and magento orders are created for them just fine. The order is created for the purchased option and is mapped to a certain bundled option. Is this what you are inquiring about?
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    We had the same issue... The solution is here: https://github.com/magento/magento2/issues/8530 or use this new configurator file (attached) Configurator.php
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    You are looking for eBay access in a wrong tab. There is a separate tool on Magento Toolbar to list on eBay. Here a screenshoot to help http://awesomescreenshot.com/0e35zd6ja6
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    The error "Quantity must be greater than 0" is related to Out Of Stock Feature changes made on eBay recently. eBay allows revising item QTY to 0 only if the Out Of Stock feature is enabled. The option 'enable Out Of Stock' was moved to global configurations and it seems to be disabled by default. All sellers who would like to use this feature now should enable it in Site Preferences. Please, check and enable it to allow revise qty to 0. Once the option is enabled on eBay, please try to revise items via the M2E Pro and check if the error persists.
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    Yes you can do that, eBay allow the same item to be listed on a BIN and an auction. If the auction ends and pulls the sale into Magento then the stock will reduce on the product and any other affecting listings will update with the correct stock level.
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    Figured out. A GEAR icon by account name should be used instead of BIG GREEN BUTTON :)
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    @Kevin Tecniqode, check if Full Revise > Shipping Policy is enabled in your Synch Policy for this Listing.
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    What version of the Extension are you using? M2E Pro Migration Wizard is available in the special version - 1.2.1.
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    Thanks for the info mat. The m2e extension is excellent, it is just a shame they don't seem to do any testing with new versions of Magento, just wait until someone installs it and it doesn't work.
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    Hi Darren, I had to have this custom coded with a developer.
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    @SharonLuggage, please, check the synch policy of the affected items. You need to ensure that Revise > Price option is enabled. Also, what is the source for Price? I mean Product Price/Special Price/Attribute. Maybe, the value has been changed, but another source had been chosen in the Selling Format Policy.
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    Thank you very much neutrino, i will contact them. Thanks for all.
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    Hi Thanks for the help. My Revise > Images was indeed set to 'no', I have changed this to 'yes' and hope that does the trick. Ben
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    Hi! Sure, this is possible. Go to your Listing > Edit Settings > Selling. There you will see the Price block (you can also do it in your Price, Quantity and Format Policy). There you can set the Price Source (where the Price will be taken from) and Price Change (see the screenshot below). You can increase or decrease your Price (it is possible to set the fixed value or percentage). You can do the same on Amazon as well. Here you can find more details about Price Settings on eBay and Amazon .
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    Hi! I have found some information. Firstly, I recommend you to check the following settings: Set "Import eBay Orders:" = Yes Product Is Listed By Any Other Software > Create Order in Magento = Yes. Also, you need to enable New Customer Creation (see the screenshots below). Note: The latter setting will set M2E Pro to collect orders for eBay listings that you did not list via M2E Pro. Well, I have also found some links, hope, they will be helpful. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/21458694/m2epro-ebay-order-in-magento-are-not-created https://magento.stackexchange.com/questions/56424/magento-admin-not-able-to-create-new-customer-while-creating-new-order It seems to me, that there is a conflict or some files are missing.
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    Yes, I have the same issue several times. No, URL has not been changed, but sometimes problems on eBay Sandbox occur, it is buggy:( Not all the features are included in Sandbox but it was initially created only for tests, that is why I don`t really care. Don`t worry:) You can try again a little bit later, everything will be OK
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    This option must help. But what error do you get? (it keeps saying they are already in the m2e pro listing).
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    Hi! Have you switched on 3rd Party Import (Sell on eBay > Configuration > Accounts > Your Account > 3rd Party > Import 3rd Party Listings > Yes)?
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    In my opinion, this idea is the best one. It is better to group your Items into separate Listings instead of using Cost-Based Pricing extensions. Be careful: such extensions can cause conflicts because they override standard Magento models.
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    Hi! As far as I know, there can be a lot of reasons. In my opinion, it would be a good idea to contact M2E Pro support and provide them with the Product SKU in order to check possible problems with your Product.
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    Hi! Well, usually I do it in this way: I set the attribute for EAN in the Listing (in eBay Catalog Identifiers). Then I put the correct value in this attribute (don*t forget to check the Website) and save the changes. Also, if your Product doesn*t need EAN, you can use the option "Does Not Apply".
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    Hi! What about eBay Primary Category? Have you set it correctly?
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    I also asked M2E support team whether they have a solution. They told me that this version will become available in some weeks. As I understood, it will be possible to apply new eBay Rate tables to your listings.
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    Hi! Well, in my opinion, you should check that you have changed your eBay Primary Category (it supports Variational Items). Check if the attribute for EAN in your Description Policy coincides with the one in your product. Bu the way, if you use the custom attribute check that you have provided correct values (EAN) for appropriate Website (your listing). EAN value has to be in your child products. Hope, it was of help.
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    Hello together, I want to make a small contribution and quickly state that the problem is solved. Maybe someone else with the same problem finds this solution helpful. The very nice support team from M2E have looked into this and it turned out that another Magento Extension called PaymentFilter was creating that problem. It looks like when event is dispatched the extension validates payment method which is used by M2E Pro to create magento order. The error occurs since M2E Pro payment method is invalidated by extension.
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    If you decide to manage price for ebay items by some tool, everything you will need to do to prevent m2e pro from overriding it, is to disable revise conditions for price in synchronization policy. Simply set option Price to no. In the same policy in revise rules section you need to disable all the options from full revise area below. Remember never to run manual revise action for items as this action trigger full product data update. https://docs.m2epro.com/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=17367083
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    You could just place the products with the cost under 250$ and the product with the more expensive price in different listings where different shipping policies are applied. What is mean is that you can adjust the set up of the listings in a more convenient way, let's say create and name a listing 'Under 250$ - Free Shipping'.
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    Hi there, Just like Al, I can’t create a shipping policy that excludes areas in Australia. M2E‘s support team emailed saying that if those locations are not displayed in the list of the excluded locations, it means no other options are available through the eBay API. If that's the case, my question is to anybody here who lists in eBay Australia – how have you solved this? By now I’ve imported 40 of my eBay AU listings into Magento, and this shipping policy is a big pain: every time I revise a listing, it overwrites the correct shipping policy. That means that after each revision I have to go into eBay to fix the shipping policy. I’m certain others must have found a better way, as this is not doable. Thanks! Eveliene
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    Hey guys, check these release notes out. I just had missed them. It seems if you simply update M2e for Magento 1 to its latest version, it should then now have the CSS replacement for the old Javascript-based Image Gallery functionality. Sweet. Doing that right now as we speak!
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    Most common reasons why orders do not uploaded from ebay: errors in system or errors on sever low hosting configurations (max execution time should be min 360 sec or memory limit should be 512Mb) cron does not work (you can check cron job in Help section) In any case if orders are not imported, you should report about the problem to m2e support to get the issue investigated more accurately.
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    i have fixed this issue if i insert my credit card details in the country details and wait around up to 24 hours.... for me it fixed the problem.
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    Hi, everyone. 1. 'You have to select Magento Variation' error appears when the product with variations was added into listing as an individual product for which variations were not selected. In previous versions configurable product was added to the listing with parent-child relations. In the current one the product by default is added as an individual. To change the variations mode you need to click the grey icon under to title of variations. But the icon will not be shown if the settings for new asin assigned to product. If settings were assign upon the steps of adding product to listing you need to unlink new asin settings by clicking. 2. " This Parent has no Child Products on which the chosen Action can be performed.". This error is related to the product configurations provided directly in your magento store. Probably, the child products were removed from parent one or the magento store view that is used for m2e listing is not selected for child products in Websites tab. Make sure the configurations of the product are correct in your magento catalog.
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    It is true that m2e can't delete or even modify product data in magento store. It can delete products from the its listing however for this manual action must be submitted or some rules must be configured for automatic action. The listing logs you have attached are misunderstood. These particular logs are just notification that the product has been deleted from magento store (the same are logs that qty was changed in magento store) and do not mean the action was performed by the extension. The actions that are performed by m2e pro are list, relist, revise or stop. Someone or something deletes your products from magento. Maybe you could think of any external tool which you use to update or add (delete) products in magento (magmi, file upload etc).
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    You haven't set eBay category for the items. These categories are required by eBay for the listings. Please check this article about how to edit eBay categories settings: https://docs.m2epro.com/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=17367071#SettingsViewMode(advancedmodeonly)-eBayCategoriesediting
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    Hi. I am having some issues while trying to send some products from my Magento to Amazon. These products have EAN but have been not published in Amazon yet, so they have no ASIN code assigned. The policies are well configured and when trying to upload this products the extension just shows an error: The value "xxxxxxxxxxxx" provided for ASIN/ISBN in Listing Search Settings is invalid. Please set the correct value and try again. I would like to know if is it possible to send new products to Amazon directly from this extension, creating the new ASINs, or it's simply that I am doing something wrong in my configuration. I appreciate your help.
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    Hi all, here my problem: I can't add description policy for Amazon Canada marketplace because this country (Canada) is not shown in available choices for "marketplace" field in new description policy creation form (see attached file). Obviusly I setup M2Epro creating account for Canada marketplace and enabling that marketplace; I already setup other marketplace (Amazon USA, Amazon UK, Amazon IT, Amazon FR, Amazon ES) and created description policy for them Could anyone help me? Thanks in advance Dario L.
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    What version of m2e are you using? I heard of such problem existed in outdated versions. Try to upgrade to the latest version of m2e - 6/4/3. The instructions of how to do that in here https://docs.m2epro.com/display/BestPractice/Extension+Upgrade
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    It is a common issue and a resolution is very simple. The error is returned because the value of EAN (or other product identifiers) which error description is referring to is to be set up in Description Policy which you use for listing settings. Here the link on documentation as it is the best way to understand what you should do https://docs.m2epro.com/display/eBayMagentoV6X/Description#Description-eBayCatalogIdentifier In addition you should not use one and the same Custom Value mode to set a numeric bare-code for item specifics as its value applies to all products that are in the eBay category and all products in the same category can't have the same EAN value. You'd better use a Custom Attribute to configure EAN value. Once required values are set up I'd recommend you to run List action and not Relist for products that were Listed earlier and may be currently Stopped.
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    Every time you update version of M2E you need to clear cache and refresh compilation in your Magento system configurations. You could give it a try and see if it helps.
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    hi have wrote more email to m2e pro support about deleting child bug and they wrote that this not is bug. But i think that this is big big bug and more dangerous for ebay seller account. Vlada wrote to me that no support for free account , but this is no support required but bug report about big dangerous problems for more ebay seller account. After they wrote: This issue has nothing to do with a bug and is likely related to non-compliance with eBay requirements . But i think that not is exact that they wrote and resend this email: Vlada sorry, but what you write, it is not correct. I write this because "pro m2 and" reflects as much as possible on the marketplace and on ebay the megento logic and magento allows an operator to delete a child product. It is exactly what you say, but it's only half true. It is claimed that eBay does not allow to do some things. I know very well that even in the ebay site, if I want to clear a variant I have to set new prices and quantities of all variants. But it is not correct to leave the products on ebay, products that a seller no longer has. This is also very dangerous for the reputation of a seller, which is the first thing to which all amazon and ebay sellers have to do primary care. Otherwise account receives negative feedback or even may be closed forever. The seller is likely to sell what has not, and this is very dangerous. Worse than the plague. Many vendors have in magento, and in the management program thousands of products with variants and sometimes variants are eliminated, or by magento or from a management that is used. Magento allows itself to do this. It is incorrect to leave ebay orphan variants with superior stock to 0 if the child no longer exists in magento. If you can not delete the version on ebay, the most correct thing is to put the stock of the variant that has been cleared to 0 on ebay, when the child product has been eliminated in magneto. This for the main interest of protecting the reputation of 'account ebay This is a big bug very dangerous for many sellers who also have an automated loading system exhaust products in magento with perl script, csv or remote database, magento magmas, and other system. The most correct thing and that does not put at risk the account is put the child inventory deleted to 0 on ebay. At least for the safety of a seller, you should allow a configuration parameter to handle this case very dangerous, so how you handled it very well the problem of duplicate names adverts. This problem of orphan variants is a real bomb for a seller, something that can cause the failure of an entire company, and it is not possible to continually monitor thousands of products. I hope that you understand what this is a big problem and an application bug. very risky that does not allow many to use m2 and pro
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    Does anybody know if we restore Magento code + database from a backup, will M2E sync orders from the last sync in Magento, OR does M2E log the last sync in their own database somewhere and start syncing from the last point-in-time prior to our restore?
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    Yes it can. eBay Sell on eBay --> Configuration --> Accounts (Tab) --> (Choose your eBay account) --> Orders (Tab) --> Customer Settings Within the customer dropdown, choose "Create New" Not sure about Amazon where you need to go but the feature is there.