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    Amazon has increased search terms characters up to 1000 words. But M2E pro plugin shows error when I try to Search Terms more than 50 characters.
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    I also face the same issue in amazon search terms .please help us in the issue and m2e pro try update the following setting if its in your side.?
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    Have spoken to support@m2epro.com. There was a problem with a removed/not created Store in Magento, which M2E uses in Listings. They fixed it remotely and changed on default store. It all seems to be working now.
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    Unfortunately it is difficult, Magento is a very complex package and it is difficult to find support. It is a high probability that one of your extensions (any of them, not just payment ones) are causing an issue, it could be something you wouldn't imagine would cause a problem such as a blog extension or even an extension supplied as part of a theme. Ultimately what you may have to do is take a full backup and re-install Magento, by which I mean creating a fresh magento directory on your web server by either downloading the package or using composer. then copying your env.php and media files and any locally created themes, to the fresh copy so that it uses your existing data and running the setup:upgrade to ensure that the database is up-to-date. Then adding M2EPro. If that works OK, you can then start adding other extensions one by one until something breaks. I have taken to having a complete duplicate set-up that I can test things on. I have been using Magento from the first release and have struggled with it ever since, despite being a technical person who has experience with managing web servers and some PHP development. Note, one thing that will trip you up when making changes to Magento is that if you have php-opcache then you will need to restart Apache or php-fpm if you use Nginx to clear the php cache of pre-parsed php files.
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    @JMC , it's not a bug. CSV-import does not trigger any events M2E Pro is subscribed to. Here you can find some information on how to modify your setup to make the extension "aware of" the Product changes: https://docs.m2epro.com/display/BestPractice/Programmatic+Possibilities+to+work+with+Extension
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    Hi! I also needed this feature. I contacted M2E Support Team and they informed me that the option of using Custom Attribute in Handling Time will be available in the next version.
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    Hi, Thankfully got this sorted a few days after I posted about it, can't remember what the problem was but it's all good now Thanks
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    We list bundle product on eBay and magento orders are created for them just fine. The order is created for the purchased option and is mapped to a certain bundled option. Is this what you are inquiring about?
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    We had the same issue... The solution is here: https://github.com/magento/magento2/issues/8530 or use this new configurator file (attached) Configurator.php
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    You are looking for eBay access in a wrong tab. There is a separate tool on Magento Toolbar to list on eBay. Here a screenshoot to help http://awesomescreenshot.com/0e35zd6ja6
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    Hello, we have the same Problem. Orders are not imported from Magento and Updates from Magento are also not synchronized back to Amazon ? Are there any changes in the Amazon API? We are using Magento and (M2E Pro ver. 6.5.4). Stephanie
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    There is another version released that supports M2E migration from M1 to M2. Reach out to support, the guys will advise.
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    The error "Quantity must be greater than 0" is related to Out Of Stock Feature changes made on eBay recently. eBay allows revising item QTY to 0 only if the Out Of Stock feature is enabled. The option 'enable Out Of Stock' was moved to global configurations and it seems to be disabled by default. All sellers who would like to use this feature now should enable it in Site Preferences. Please, check and enable it to allow revise qty to 0. Once the option is enabled on eBay, please try to revise items via the M2E Pro and check if the error persists.
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    Check it in eBay configuration, there should be an option to restore the saved choices for the cases like this.
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    EAN Number is given by the GS1 organization. If you are a manufacturer you can apply for get your products ean number. It has so many advantages in retail industry. or If, it's not possible, edit description setting, the above answer of J.B is described, how to do it.
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    Make these attributes that you created for your prices on eBay are present in all attribute sets in Magento. It'll become visible in the dropdown in M2E when it's in all Magento attribute sets.
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    M2E Support told me on 12th November 2018, the following: The reference to 'server resources' is a reference to server resources on our server (server of M2E customer), such as for example the maximum execution time and memory limit. Mark
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    Hi Neutrino, thank you for you helpful post. I have passed the info to my client. You are right that we should have raised a support ticket - I had requested the client to do so. However its also the point of a community board that this sort of issue which is universal and seems to have a simple solution, should be shared here for future users to be able to search and find the result while the support team are out of hours. i think its a shame the M2E dont monitor these forums as that reduces the main point of a form. Again thank you, I will report back if this resolves the issue. Matt
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    Update: We were able to limit the problem. Changing the order creation rule in M2E from "instant" to "checkout complete" did the trick. There seems to be an issue with orders that haven't been completed on ebay, but are already imported to M2E.
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    you may have to refresh your license key im sure thats what i had to do
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    Check your synchronisation settings, i'd recommend setting up a syncronisation policy and use similar settings as shown here - http://prntscr.com/io0xsa In your case and to resolve this issue "Stop Rules" probably need changing. Stop When Out Of Stock should be set to yes and just to be sure Stop When Magento Quantity Is Less or Equal to Zero. Jamie
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    M2e support sorted it, so my advice would now be don't upgrade to Magento 2.2.3 until you have contacted M2e support for the fix. I was worried that I would end up with lots of ebay defects for late dispatch, but thankfully M2e support came through with a fix in time. Hopefully they will release an updated version soon otherwise lots of people are going to run into this.
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    Hi, it is very easy. You just need to enable 3rd Party Import in your Account: Sell on eBay > Configuration > Accounts > Your Account > 3rd Party. There you can also set up mapping parameters in order to map your 3rd Party Items (items listed directly on eBay) and identical Magento Products automatically.
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    I got a response from M2E and it works
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    Hi! Have you checked such parameters as: - Stock Availability; - Status; - QTY?
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    Try to get MWS Auth Token again. Go to your Amazon Account settings: Sell on Multi-Channels (Amazon) > Configuration > Accounts tab >Your Account and change MWS Auth Token.
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    Hi! I asked M2E Support Team and they told me that they provide limited support for AFN inventory and FBA Orders. For instance, it is possible to list all your Products as MFN and than get them switched to AFN. Also, you can import the Orders. Moreover, in your Account Settings, you can enable the option of managing Stock Inventory of Products fulfilled by Amazon (FBA Orders) and Magento Orders creation. They also informed me, that support of FBA orders will be available in next releases.
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    I also asked M2E support team whether they have a solution. They told me that this version will become available in some weeks. As I understood, it will be possible to apply new eBay Rate tables to your listings.
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    Well, for us, we had just went ahead and simply changed our Magento site's backend setting to use HTTPS on for non-secure pages etc. as well, just a blanket "Everything" (System->Configuration->(under 'GENERAL' tab)->Web->'Unsecure' setting) ----- ----- After the change it passes all validation as images being served to the M2e gallery as well are all https-based by default now. Figuring since seemingly not just the upcoming and ongoing changes for Google Chrome browser itself (https://security.googleblog.com/2016/09/moving-towards-more-secure-web.html), but the web generally as a whole are/eventually will all be going this route, might as well just opt for https-ing it for all pages/media etc. That was our decision/solution for it all. If any of you out there choose this simple and very easy route you can of course still trigger the Automatic (or Manual, depending on your Sync settings) updates for all your M2e listings by making any kind of random/insignificant change to your master Listing/Description template(s). After you had of course made the quick Magento http-to-https backend change noted above first, it will then convert everything over, including for the M2e image galleries. Perfect. The guys here at M2e may just simply release an official update that addresses this, but, again, looking at everything else beyond ebay/Google etc. here currently, we just simply went ahead and did it all this way permanently moving forward instead. -JW
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    It was just me. I was able to fix it myself. The table mg_m2epro_operation_history crashed so I repaired in myphpadmin. Problem resolved.
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    You could just place the products with the cost under 250$ and the product with the more expensive price in different listings where different shipping policies are applied. What is mean is that you can adjust the set up of the listings in a more convenient way, let's say create and name a listing 'Under 250$ - Free Shipping'.
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    UPDATE: it's now all there: all Australian areas can now be selected as 'excluded postal areas'. Fantastic news!
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    Can't you change this from Admin -> Config -> Sales -> Payment methods?
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    Most common reasons why orders do not uploaded from ebay: errors in system or errors on sever low hosting configurations (max execution time should be min 360 sec or memory limit should be 512Mb) cron does not work (you can check cron job in Help section) In any case if orders are not imported, you should report about the problem to m2e support to get the issue investigated more accurately.
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    Hello, After a Listing has been created it shows the attached message. Is there a option somewhere hidden which allows to revert this setting? For one project I had choosen the wrong setting and made it permanent... but would be cool to revert it now. Otherwise I need to create a listing again. This is not such a big problem but if it is only one click somewhere to revert it... I don't want to screw inside of the database. Risk to change wrong values and make things worse is to high... Attached screenshot is partly german. But I hope you understand it ;-) Maybe someone knows the option?
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    If you have your magento store setup as a multi language site, and each language is its own store view, you should be able to create listings for international ebay stores and choose products from the alt language store views. Cheers, Rob
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    Has your Synchronisation policy changed? Check the setting under Revise Rules for Description? Cheers, Rob
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    Hydro, I'm still actively having to manually check (and then add the order to Magento) on a daily basis before our daily cut-off. Please keep this post updated if you do find a solution. Thanks
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    Hi. I am having some issues while trying to send some products from my Magento to Amazon. These products have EAN but have been not published in Amazon yet, so they have no ASIN code assigned. The policies are well configured and when trying to upload this products the extension just shows an error: The value "xxxxxxxxxxxx" provided for ASIN/ISBN in Listing Search Settings is invalid. Please set the correct value and try again. I would like to know if is it possible to send new products to Amazon directly from this extension, creating the new ASINs, or it's simply that I am doing something wrong in my configuration. I appreciate your help.
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    Hi i have some problems.... When child product of configurable are deleted fom magento they not deleted or updated quantity in ebay an i sell product that i not have in my store. This also when my child are delete from my datawherehouse software. They not deleted from ebay listing
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    Stuck in the same issue please help!!!
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    It looks like you try to set up shipping settings to list items on eBay. First of all I would recommend you to update eBay sites you are planing to work with. It should help.
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    From what I know such information of product like SKU, ASIN remains in Amazon catalogue even after you stop listing and delete product from Seller Central. That is why you still receive an error from Amazon about SKU existing. I am not sure how long Amazon keeps this information but as long as it is there you will not be able to use previous sku for listing products. As a resolution you need to change SKU title in product configurations or you could set an option Generate SKU in Listing Settings.
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    Hi, I'm having a lot of trouble listing a fair few of our configurable products on Amazon. We have purchased barcodes for these products and are creating new listings on Amazon. The majority of the products I have left to list are giving this error: "Product with the same SKU is found in other M2E Pro Listing that is created from the same Merchant ID for the same Marketplace." From what I can see only the configurable had gone though and that was incomplete in seller central, no child products had actually been created on Amazon. With this in mind I have deleted the incomplete listing from Amazon, then removed the product from M2E's Amazon listing. After that I have waited 24 hours for the product to be removed from Amazons systems, as Amazon suggest. However for these 35 products I just keep getting the error i mentioned above. I'm sure non of the SKU's are listed with any other product we have on Amazon, so am at a bit of a loss to what is actually causing this. I've tried to list these remaining products with no success multiple times, remove them from M2E and add them again with little success. If anyone can assist that would be much appreciated, Thank you.
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    Every time you update version of M2E you need to clear cache and refresh compilation in your Magento system configurations. You could give it a try and see if it helps.
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    I have write to m2e pro support about this big problem of software but they everiday write to me that no support with free plan. This ok but how can we buy professional plan if i have big big bug and negative seller performance and negative feedback becouse they have big problem aboutcthis more customer write to m2esupport and they notxresolve this? This is not is support tiket ... This is becouse m2e pro have big problem with magento child product and they not aolve this. The cimmunitycis desert and i can't work..... Deleting Children magento priduct ... Not delete or stop variant in ebay listing..... This is big big risk for your ebay account negativecfeedback and bad performance. No good They not solve this bug
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    Does anybody know if we restore Magento code + database from a backup, will M2E sync orders from the last sync in Magento, OR does M2E log the last sync in their own database somewhere and start syncing from the last point-in-time prior to our restore?