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  1. Added: [Rules] Rule details page. It allows reviewing the repricing Rule details as well as managing the Rule settings. Added: [Products] Product details page. It allows reviewing Product repricing details as well as managing Product repricing settings. Added: [Products] Wizard for adding new Products to the repricing tool. Added: Onboarding wizard for passing the first Product adding stage after the service registration is complete. Added: [Rules] Features to delete/update the Rule. Added: [Analytics] Management page for a quick review and analysis of the Product repricing process. Added: [Rules] Product page for the Rule management. Added: [Products] Product page to manage the onboarded products. Added: [Products] Ability to set Min/Max Price as a deviation from Regular Price. Improvement: [Core] Upgrading Kendo UI up to Q2 2016 release. Release Notes
  2. Initial version for Magento v2. Download ( Release Notes
  3. Our congratulations! M2E Pro release for Magento v2.x has become available! Magento version 2.x is the next generation of the world’s leading digital commerce platform with the huge number of benefits for its Sellers. The new Magento version is a completely new product from the technical, e-commerce and functional points of view. M2E Pro Team is always in a trend and keep abreast of e-commerce market changes. Thus, we could not ignore such huge step into the future and the M2E Pro version for Magento v2.x has been created. It is a separate independent module which should not be considered as a next step of the previously available versions. It has its own specifics such as: Separate versions; Independent Documentation both for eBay Integration and Amazon Integration. Different frequency of the Upgrades available comparing to M2E Pro for Magento v1.x. You can check our Release Notes to find more information about each release. Moreover, some functionality is going to be implemented only in M2E Pro Magento v2.x. Also, if you are new to M2E Pro, you can just easily install it following the Installation guide. On the other hand, if you are currently using M2E Pro for Magento v1.x and are planning to move your store to Magento v2.x, you can use an M2E Pro Migration Tool to safely transfer the M2E Pro data and adopt it for usage in M2E Pro for Magento v2.x. The detailed information about this Tool you can find here.
  4. Our congratulations! M2E SaaS Amazon Repricing Service has become available! Amazon Repricing Service is an independent tool that allows you to automatically and dynamically change the Price of your Offer without any actions on your side. Ability to analyze the achieved results can be a great help. It is a separate independent multi-functioning module. Its Key Features are: Currently free of charge; Ability to add and manage unlimited number of Accounts and their Marketplaces; Lightweight user Interface and easy, understandable and functioning settings; Independent Documentation along with the separate Knowledgebase Articles. Integration with M2E Pro Extension is available. Flexible Rules of automatic repricing. Convenient Interface with the ability to analyze and fully control the price updating for any of the Products you added to the Service. If you have any suggestions or questions about Amazon Repricing Service, do not hesitate to contact our support team via email We are more than happy to hear your feedback.
  5. Added: Functionality to send Amazon Minimum and Maximum Product Price. Fix: Issues in price calculation Release Notes
  6. Added: Ability to Disable/Enable dynamic Price update for a particular Item Added: Ability to manage Price settings from M2E Pro Amazon Account Improvement: Easier and Faster Repricing Account onboarding process Improvement: Usage of HTTPS Protocol Release Notes
  7. M2E Amazon Repricing Service has become available. The Service is initially being offered for free and will most likely remain free of charge for some time. Continuous support and constant Improvements of the Repricing Service functionality are going to be provided over a long period of time. Each new Amazon Repricing Service release is expected to increase its efficiency. Starting from January 5th, 2016, the Beta version of the Amazon Repricing Service is released as a part of M2E Pro version 6.4.0 and can be installed for partial testing.
  8. There was shot maintenance between 10:53 and 11:08 UTC.
  9. Improvement: [eBay] If category of listed Item starts to require UPC/EAN/ISBN identifier, M2E will send full Details to prevent an error Fix: [eBay] Some Variational Items may receive errors each time when they are revised/relisted (additional solution to prevent such issue) Download ( Download (magento-connect) Release Notes
  10. Fix: [eBay] "Does Not Apply" was sent as MPN value for Variation Products even if None is selected in Description Policy (only for new listed Items) Fix: [eBay] Ability to send "Does Not Apply" of MPN for Bundle / Simple With custom option by Description Policy settings Download ( Download (magento-connect) Release Notes
  11. Hey there and welcome to the public M2E Pro forum! First of all, thanks for using the extension. We want to make sure we provide the best support possible, so we've set a few guidelines and expectations to help kick things off. Please read this post in its entirety before posting a new thread so we can all be on the same page and so we can help you as best as we can. Don't forget about our existing support resources. We have a treasure trove of support resources available that covers many of the questions and aspects. And they're available for free! Please do check documentation and knowledgebase before opening a new thread because you may find the answer before we can address your post here in the forums. You are welcome to mention customization tweaks or integration issues, in case other users have ideas/suggestions they're willing to share. Our support team will address the provided ideas/suggestions if there is existing documentation we can point you at, or a past forum thread with a resolution that might be helpful for you. But the best way to get dedicated support for your questions will be with a M2E Pro license that provides you access to our expedited support channels. Thanks again for using M2E Pro!
  12. Please take a minute to review forum rules to avoid any further violations. General Rules of Conduct We reserve the right to remove, at any time and without notice, any content from these message boards. Refrain from using inappropriate language, including language that may look, sound like, stand for, hint at, abbreviate, or insinuate profanity, hate speech (including but not limited to racial, ethnic, or religious slurs). If it is found that a user has fraudulently registered, their account will immediately be terminated. We reserve the right to contact your ISP regarding any inappropriate activities by you on the message boards. You may not post any relevant materials that are under copyright. We reserve the right to immediately terminate or suspend anyone who fails to abide by these General Rules of Conduct. Community Rules The following conduct is not allowed on our message boards, in private messages, irc channels, or user profiles. 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  13. Improvement: Configuration license page changes related to new subscription system Improvement: The compatibility of Magmi Plugin with the latest version of Magmi Module Fix: Various problems related to outdated settings Fix: Memory leak during saving Simple with required Custom Options Product in Magento Fix: "Call to a member function addData() on a non-object" at synchronization process Fix: Some troubles during the Upgrade process for installations with MySQL tables prefixes Fix: Prevention of executing by Magento Cron multiple times per one PHP process Fix: [eBay] Catalog Identifiers were not sent to channel during "List" action for Bundle and Simple with custom options Magento products Fix: [eBay] N/A instead of eBay Item ID for Products in M2E Pro Listings Fix: [Amazon] Amazon Products cannot be found even if ISBN is correct in some cases Download ( Download (magento-connect) Release Notes
  14. Improvement: [Amazon] Many improvements of Amazon's Shipping Services feature (Buy Shipping API) Fix: Blank page if Magento Configs cache was disabled and Compilation was enabled Fix: Major boost of some Extension observers (core blocks render before and after events) Fix: Some data Changes could be lost if more than 500 Magento Products updated at one time Fix: Sales Channels could not be enabled in System -> Configuration if all of them were switched off Fix: Magento Attributes Labels were translated to the selected Locale language (wrong labels) Fix: [eBay] The warnings in Chrome Browser because of unsecure connections to the Terapeak service Fix: [Amazon] Error: "Call to a member function setData() on a non-object" during synchronization in some cases Fix: [] Unexpected Product Status changing in some cases ( API issue) Download ( Download (magento-connect) Release Notes
  15. Magento: Magento site: Magento documentations: Magento products: Magento marketplace: M2E Pro: M2E Pro site: M2E Pro clients: M2E Pro documentation: M2E Pro knowledgebase: M2E Pro ideas: M2E Pro extension:, Other useful links: Understandinge: