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  1. I could resplve to do that. Thanks. But actually I cofused that.
  2. "not visible" products are associated to configurable products. I want to sell on Amazon associated products only.
  3. I want to add "not visible" products. I think that was possible when I add 1st Amazon account and create listing. But now, all "not visible" were disappered. How can I display them again? It is not by filter setting. I reset filter already as well. Thank you,
  4. This page was correct after click "Amazon Integration" icon in left sidebar. Ex: There is "Amazon Integration > Listings" word in this descriotion. But my admin panel had no "Listings". Only "Amazon Integration" is existing.
  5. I'm using Magento 2.2.6 now. I added one amazon au account today. Then cinfigured before add product listing step. This is current status. Issue; When I click or mouse hover "Amazon integration" icon, I think any menu should be displayed such as Listings or policy settins and so on. But those menus are not displayed. I can click that icon only. If I click that icon,that displayed incompleted listing only. <- I attached screen shot about that page. So I cannot edit or create new listings because of any menus are missing. I already clear magento and browser cache. How can I dispay those menus? Thank you,