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  1. Hey Erik, no way to solve the problem until we know who is doing wrong. Only way is, to delete multi/combi rabatt. Wont be possible for us, cause we sell lots of small products that belong together. Otherwise the costumer pay shipping costs for each produkt they buy. Here is what M2E told us: I've consulted our developers regarding this issue. If eBay API does not provide VAT amount for the combined orders, there is no way from our side to get such data. M2E Pro cannot influence eBay API configurations and trigger the value of tax applied for product price to be returned For now, as a solution, you can continue using "eBay" as Tax Source (the workaround that was suggested previously). Or, as a possible option, you can configure Magento Tax settings for combined orders in the way you need, and set Tax Source as ''eBay and Magento'' in the account settings. Theres no way for us, to use Magento settings.
  2. Hey Erik, we just use Combirabatt for Shipping Costs, but your right! Maybe M2E has a problem with this setting. I will contact the M2E Team. Did you already?
  3. Hey Erik, The error occurs in different listings with different products and different rules at different days (We have several Order IDs with this issue).
  4. Hey Erik, Have you already figured out if it's a particular reason or if Magento's doing it arbitrarily wrong? Our ERP-System cannot import the orders like this. Its driving me crazy.
  5. Hello, everybody, we use M2E for our Magento 2 system. Since a few weeks, we have the following problem: Ebay orders are created for no apparent reason with a tax rate of 0% in Magento. However, all prices are imported with the gross amount. Various tax sources have already been tested (Ebay / Ebay & Magento). All settings are correct, both on Ebay level and on Magento level. (The majority of the orders are imported correctly). The M2E support refers to Ebay - Ebay refers to the M2E support. The data records in Ebay are displayed correctly and, according to support, are also transferred completely. Has anyone already had the same error and if so, how can I fix it? Thanks in Advance!