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  1. M2e support sent me this: The new specifics, including "Country of Origin", have been recently implied to our system. In order to provide this value via M2E Pro you need to follow the next steps: 1. Update your Amazon marketplaces by navigating to Amazon > Configuration > Marketplaces > Update all > Save. 2. Navigate to M2E Pro Listing > switch to Setting View mode > find an item > go to Description Policy assigned > and add the specific (for m2, (for M2 and provide a value for it. After this, the products that have this Description policy assigned will be updated correctly with the Country of origin specific provided. I had to set Country Of Origin to CN If you want to pass the country name (China in this case) you need to choose Country String
  2. Same here: Error The "Message/Product/DescriptionData/MerchantShippingGroupName" (UK Shipping Policy) field contains an invalid value. Error A value is missing from one or more required columns from this group: [country_of_origin = null]. I set the COO in the product section, country of origin drop down but it didn't fix the error. No idea what's causing the "Message/Product/DescriptionData/MerchantShippingGroupName" error in the Shipping Policy as there's only 3 fields and none of them match the fields in the error message. Magento 2.3.5-p2 M2ePro 1.14.1
  3. I'm having trouble adding configurable products to Amazon. I keep getting this error: Product Specifics: Attribute(s) Colour Option were not found in this Product and its value was not sent. "Colour Option" is my attribute name for color. The parent product doesn't have the Colour Option attribute but the simple product variations do. M2E Pro / Amazon is not picking up the colors from the child simple products. How can I fix this? I've tried listing the parent product but the dialog to add / map the colors for the child products never shows when I click "manage variations".
  4. This is all that appears in my access logs. - - [02/Aug/2016:05:23:56 +0100] "POST /paypal/ipn/ HTTP/1.1" 503 - "-" "PayPal IPN ( )"
  5. Only ebay orders are failing. Orders placed directly on the Magento site work fine. I recently updated my ebay account to an ebay shop account and soon after (a couple of weeks) the orders stopped synching. I have updated my settings in Sell On Ebay > Configuration > Accounts and I've re-authorized the token. There are no other modules on the site that would interfere with the order creation process.
  6. None of my ebay orders are coming through to my site. Orders placed directly on my site via PayPal are coming through and the IPN messages are being received. All ebay payments from PayPal are failing and the orders are not being created in Magento. When I look on the IPN history page the messages are failing with a 503 error. There's nothing in my system.log. exception.log or paypal log files as the orders are not even reaching Magento I think, they're just getting a 503 error. I've whitelisted the domain on my firewall. What else can I do to fix this? I'm running Magento and the latest version of M2E Pro.