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  1. Thanks Nammc, yes if I find a fix, I'll certainly post it here as support for this seems to be a bit backward at coming forward.
  2. Did anyone manage to solve this problem as I've been experiencing the same for the last few weeks. I can list items on eBay no problem, when purchased, I'm getting the payment and sales notification emails, but the order isn't being created in Magento the same as Nammc is experiencing, the only way to get the order created is to manually synchronise... Sell on eBay > Configuration > Synchronisation > click the 'Synchronize' button I've checked the settings and they are the same as Nammc, except... Sell On eBay > Configuration > Accounts > Orders > Create Magento Order When > Immediately (not Checkout is Completed) I haven't checked the memory_limit and max_execution configuration, does anyone know what the recommended values are so I can check with my host, although these haven't been changed before or since this problem started. Thanks and I hope someone can shed a bit of light on this.
  3. Carried out your suggestion and yes, I can now list products on eBay, thank you again for your help
  4. Many thanks for the reply Victoria and I'll look in to it today
  5. Hopefully someone can help as I’m at a complete loss. Basically I’m unable to list anything on eBay at the moment, I’ve got the latest version (6.4.3) of M2E Pro installed but every time I try and list a product I get the error: ‘The EAN field is missing. Please add EAN to the listing and try again. If you’re using our mobile app, make sure you have version 5.1 or higher.’ When I’m listing an item, during the eBay Categories Specifics section, I’ve added a new custom field, details are: Name: EAN Mode: Custom Value Value: Product numerical barcode or Does Not Apply depending which is applicable But I still get the EAN field error, I’m obviously doing something fundamentally wrong, but I’ve no idea what as I’ve inherited the site so didn’t set the site or M2E Pro initially and all worked fine until a few months back when eBay required product identifiers. If anyone could help or point me in the right direction it would be massively appreciated as I’ve read through various related articles but still can’t get to the bottom of it, I’m hoping its something simple! Thanks in advance