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  1. Hello @Peter A Thank you for asking a this query. Unfortunaltly I don't use the M2E pro extension but use a different extension related to inventory management. MageMob Inventory – a Magento 2 Inventory Management Extension helps you seamlessly manage different aspects of your store inventory along with the store backend from desktop and mobile. Its exclusive features include: Management of suppliers Management of purchase orders Management of inventory log and product stocks
  2. I just suggest Magneto 2 Inventory management extension where 100% clarify "In Stock" / "Out of Stock" in Magento and there you can take demo to see how it works.
  3. Hello ingohill, You want to know when product has reached stock =0 then what? In Amazon and ebay we see "out of stock". If you want to manage stock management like when your stock comes lower to specific limit that time store owner get notify to low stock this product and also give this notification to warehouse management so that time stock also fulfill. Here Admin has chooose the stock limit. If you want to know abot stock management you just try Magento Inventory Management Extension. You also take a demo and see it.
  4. Hello, I have the same problem. Currently using Magento 2.1.6 M2ePro 1.2.1. So I moved on other extension Australia Post Shipping For Magento 2 . In that I have no issue about duplicate entry or tracking problem. I am happy with this extension.
  5. Hello, If you want to change your store data in many languages or you provides language dropdown menu so customer select languages what they prefer, you should try Magento Language Translator whichh gives many features like Mass translation, Backend crontrol.
  6. Hello, Here one solution is this: No need to sign up just download the extensions, install it and start using it straight away. If any Questions then Email support@m2epro.com.
  7. Hello, You can also go through Magento Inventory management 2.3.1, which is a nice tool for M2e