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  1. Hi,

    I have images and videos against products in Magento (2.3). When sync'ing to ebay videos end up as a still image in the ebay listings image gallery. Is there a way to exclude videos from the listing to stop this happening.


    I had an issue recently where the first frame of the video showed another product that needs to be used with the product being sold, the buyer was of the understanding this came with the product as a result as it was just an image and not the video.





  2. Hi,


    I seem to have started to see issue where my stock level is on 1, and I sell an item on ebay, that the revise to the product is setting the ebay listing back to 1. Meaning it thinks I have this item in stock.

    I'm not then getting an order created for the second purchase and I do then actually have the physical inventory.

    The second purchase does then cause the ebay listing to go down to 0 and hidden.


    This is causing me massive issues as now this week alone I have made 3 ebay sales for products I no longer have in stock.

    Has anyone seen this issue before and have any suggestions?

  3. I have found out this issue.


    The root cause is when a Magento Order is not created. As a result a reservation still exists for the product in question. You can list all product with stuck reservations with the following:


    SELECT sku, sum(quantity) FROM `inventory_reservation`
    where quantity > 0
    group by sku;

    If you remove these reservations the saleable quantity will fall back inline with magento quantity. I would suggest reviewing physical stock amounts for these items so that once the change is made you can adjust the magento quantity to be exact.


  4. Hi,


    My quantity and saleable quantity is out of sync on a few products by 1. Firstly im not sure how this has happened, if anyone knows of some scenarios that would cause this it might help me better understand. Secondly when I increase the Quantity to match the saleable the saleable increases by 1 also, or if i change it on ebay in the listing, m2pro reverts it back shortly afterwards, how can i bring these back into alignment?



  5. Is it possible to revise the listing before the product is shipped?


    If an order goes through the magento store, the product is not revised on ebay until the reserved item is shipped. As I ship once a day in the evening, this could lead to sale of a product that is reserved in magento but still available on ebay.



  6. If you are using a custom script it's likely that your are not triggering the m2e job to revise the product. Also what is your product quantity? If it's not below 5 then it wont revise the listing.


    A low quantity revision has pro's and cons, it will result in less revisions which is good for high volume stores

  7. Hi,


    Im trying to use HTML as a description to allow the use of my listing template. When i paste the html description into the customer value field, it revises the listing with the text form of the HTML only.


    Can anyone confirm how to get this to upload to ebay as html?



  8. Hi,


    I have m2e running with Magento 2.3.2, I have a existing ebay store with 80+ items for sale which are now 3rd party listings. This is great, if I sell on ebay it updates magento, but it doesn't revise the 3rd party listing if I sell via magento, tested both back end and front end sales and checked the sync setup is correct.


    I read somewhere that to get the quantity sync going both ways you need to move the listing from a 3rd party listing to be an m2e listing...  If i do this, will it remove my current ebay listing (which shows my sales volume and has watchers) and build out a completely new listing?

    I tried to move an item i have sold recently but is a new 3rd party listing so i can trash it if needed, but when moving the listing to m2e it says "After you choose an M2E Pro Listing where you would like the 3rd Party Product to be moved, click on Move to This Listing link. In case, there is no suitable M2E Pro Listing available, press Add New Listing button to create a new one."


    To me this reads as - Setup a new m2e listing, and once that's done we will remove your old one...


    The bigger issue here is how ebay works and the ranking algorithms of how many sales you have had to where your product shows in a search result. If I trash a listing and it setups up a completely new one I will dramatically lose ebay sales which is a no go for me.





  9. This is incorrect. The import you are thinking of is products not setup in Magento and mapped manually to a listing that will be created


    Form example of the product existing in eBay's, then is sync's to the 3rd party listing page but not mapped to a product in Magento. When you sell the on ebay it will create the product in Magento and map it.


    It sounds like your products haven't sync'd

    Check the following

    1. Yo have an active subscription on your M2e website account.

    2. You have enabled 3rs party listings in you synchronization

    3. You are setup a synchronization policy


  10. Hi,

    I'm running Magento 2, I sync'd my existing store to a blank store - no products exist in Magento.

    Shortly after I made a sale on my eBay store, this created a product in my Magento Store corresponding to the product on eBay. The issue comes as the logs show a quantity update from 88 to 87, but the quantity on the newly created Magento product shows 199.


    Is there a setting so that it creates the product with the correct quantity?