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  1. Hello, I'm getting the same error, saying that I can't upload a new product because I'm not using the eBay payments. Do I have to use their service or is there any way I can continue using just PayPal as our prefered payment method? How did you guys solve this issue? Best regards Marc
  2. Hello, yesterday I had to delete a product from M2E Pro because it was mapped to a wrong product in Magento and I couldn't figure out how to remap to the correct product. After deleting the product from M2E it was also deleted from Amazon. So I listed the product again on Amazon and was waiting for this listing to appear in my 3rd Party Listings section in M2E to map it to the correct product. After 24 hours the product hasn't appeared in the 3rd Party Listings. Is there an option to sync manually or do I have to create the listing in M2E manually? Best regards Marc
  3. Hey everyone, I'm trying to figure out how to get the repricing tool to work for Amazon. When I try to add an item to the repricer I get redirected to a M2E 404-error page. I already tried connecting the repricer to Amazon MWS again, but it doesn't change anything. In the log it just always says "Account token not exists". Any help would be much appreciated :) Best regards Marc
  4. We didn't change anything. It just started working again
  5. Same here. It's working again! The weekend is saved ?
  6. Hello, we're currently facing the issue that our Amazon Orders are not imported in Magento. It stopped last night and we can't understand why. There are no errors in the log. Everything else seems to work fine. Any help would be much appreciated! Best regards Marc