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  1. Thanks Anna, Interesting so it sounds like m2e may be attempting to download ebay orders that are older than 30 days and thats why its failing. I will give m2e support another try cant be much wrong possibly just needs a date changing somewhere so it only downloads recent orders although they did state in their email response that they couldnt help me due to being on the free plan.
  2. Hi all, I recently came back to m2e after an extended period away from selling (roughly 12 months away). All my listings were still in m2e and i was able to re-list them to ebay using m2e without any problems. Quantity sync is working just fine i can go ahead and update the qty in magento and it will sync to ebay within a few minutes. My first couple of sales happened the other day on ebay however the orders are not pulling through to m2e. All thats shown in the error log is the following: You have exceeded the 30 day maximum time window allowed by <LastModifiedFrom> and <LastModifiedTo>. Any ideas i tried m2e support but i'm on the free plan so they wont help.