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  1. Does anyone sync Magento / M2Epro with Quickbooks? We have this setup, however as Quickbooks pulls through orders placed via eBay / Amazon with the same payment identifier "m2epro payment" then we have to differentiate these manually within quickbooks, which is become a time consuming task due to the volume of orders, so we are wondering if there is a way to set payment methods based on the channel e.g. m2epro payment - ebay / m2epro payment - amazon or if there is another workaround for this.
  2. I did not realize I could upgrade my plan to paid, I thought it was only a paid service once you reach the threshold, so I have upgraded and hopefully we will have this resolved
  3. OK, So eBay is all setup correctly and VAT is shown on the Invoice. Regular Magento Orders are setup as 20% VAT which again shows correctly on the Invoice. However, Amazon Orders are showing Tax as 0.00 (Both Excluding & Including Prices are shown as the same amount on the Invoice. I have configured this to take VAT Settings from "Amazon Only" because before this was set to "Magento & Amazon" However this doubled up on VAT. I have searched the forums / google & several others have had this issue and stated they contacted support who fixed it for them but did not tell them how... I have contacted support and was told that the FREE plan does not include support so they can not help me.. If anyone could point me in the right direction to resolve this it would be much appreciated.
  4. Thank You for your response J.B, I decided to do it manually in the end, 3 days and 2000 products later its how I want it, just glad I don't have to do that again
  5. I am currently trying to automatically assign ASIN / ISBN for about 2000 products. However what I want to do is instead of search by product name, I want it to search an attribute I have set: Amazon_SKU as this has the Stock Code used, for example if I search this stock code to manually assign I can easily find the product & ASIN / ISBN on amazon but just searching the product name option does not find these as the stock code is not within the product title... Is this possible? if not does anyone know how I could batch search amazon to match stock codes / ASIN? Thank you for your time.