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  1. Hi all, Is there a way to backup of listings data? I have to stop and remove listings for a period as I am downgrading my store back to basic. As I have over 600 listings and do not wish to relist each one again individually If i choose to upgrade again, I was wondering if this is possible? Thanks in advance
  2. HI all, Does anybody know how to adjust handling times on a Ebay Policy? I am only able to adjust Dispatch time. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi Sorry only just saw this reply. Thanks for the info!
  4. Hi all, I needed to make bulk changes to several item specifics. So I followed this guide: I was able to do make the changes to the categories that had small amount of items but some of the other categories were freezing and taking long to edit and make changes. I have one particular category that has over 600 items in and I am unable to edit it. I spoke to my host and they advised the server has enough resources to run the website efficiently and the problem is in connection with the website script. Is there someone that can offer some input? Thanks in advance
  5. Not really sure how to proceed. I posted on the forum on the 13th of june and it would seem the forum members are unable to help with a solution. I then contacted support and received a reply from Victoria after 5 mins saying that I cannot email support as I am not on the correct plan. So how do i proceed without the information needed?? A simple answer from support would be appreciated.
  6. Hi all, I was hoping for a Ebay repricer at some point, just like there is one for Amazon but that does not seem to be happening, so I was wondering how would I allow an external company to handle repricing specifically for Ebay prices without breaking the system. As you know M2E pro handles everything and if another company were to try and take over M2E pro would overwrite immediately. Any ideas how? Thanks in advance
  7. I cannot list any items that have stock that are already on the channel because according to Amazon the stock qty is zero .
  8. Another issue I am having now. Cannot get any items to be active in Amazon. Any ideas why? Thanks
  9. Hi all, I reed some help here. Somebody was able to place a order for an item that was no longer in stock. Does anybody know how that is possible? The item was even created in magento with a qty of 9. The order log came back with the attached.
  10. At the end of my tether right now. I have not idea why but today over 550 items on Ebay decided to end, All i did was to re-enable relisting options and stop options ( I have attached). Ebay then started to end every single item I have listed on my account. Can someone explain to me why this may have happened? I have items that have more than 300 qty but these were stopped as well Now it's going to cost me money to relist them. Thanks
  11. Hi guys, I am having a problem that has only developed over the last week or so. I am always getting the message ' Description was successfully Revised' for each product. I do a upload or price and SKU changes twice daily when the error comes up in the logs, but this has nothing to do with description. As i said this is a recent issue and has never happened before. Any ideas why this could be happening now?
  12. HI all, Is it possible to translate listings from English to other languages such as German, French etc I came across this: It seem to be dated from 2014 and when i followed the instructions it die not have the option "Sell On Another eBay site” My listings are already on various marketplaces, so I am not sure this is the correct thing I am looking for. Thanks in advance
  13. Hi Victoria, Thanks for getting back to me.. It seems to be ok now since the no backorder settings. I had already configured the correct settings and the only issue was no backorder.
  14. Hi, I think support only leave a reply of your paying, as I have left a few posts on here but have not been given a response. I found a solution to my issue. It was the settings. I needed to set the door inventory to no backorders and it seems to be fine.