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  1. Magmi won't work, as far as I know it does not handle orders but only products and categories. Do you Import your Tracking data to Magento or directly to Amazon? Furthermore it is independent of the order Status, m2e also sends Tracking Information to Amazon after order is completed since it is hooked to the "Tracking number after" event. If you Import your Tracking Codes into Magento then probably your tool goes not the magneto way but imports it directly to database which hinders m2e from recognizing an update of the shipping way would be to change the tool to use magento handling or the other way would be to trigger the resend button programmatically
  2. OK, my fault, the description policy was not assigned correct ly
  3. Same problem here currently. All specifics are empty in seller central. Currently it is only on UK marketplace.
  4. Shipping policies will be deprecated as far as I know, so no need to care about them anymore. Even though you couldn't set your own shipping methods there, they just correspond to the Amazon ones. Furthermore the shipping service you see is the only information you get from Amazon. As far as I know you can not let the Amazon customer choose between gls and ups but only between standard, premium, prime shipping etc. (Correct me if I am wrong) so there is no information on what carrier you should use. If this is true, than you have to write your own logic to map STD Dom UK or STD int, or something like that to your carrier to suit your warehouse requirements. Your developer may hook into the order creation process and change the shipping method information from Amazon/m2e to your own shipping methods/carrier
  5. Find my post to fulfillment latency in this forum. This is what you want
  6. I just searched in the German headphone category and they seem to allow color variations. If this is really not allowed in your target marketplace than there is no workaround despite listing them individually.örer-Klinkenstecker-Schwarz-Blau/dp/B00SIOQRHU/ref=zg_bs_570278_21
  7. Bundled products are not what you are attending to do. In magneto stock inventory you can set "Verpackungseinheiten" as you may come from Germany. This allows the user to select only multiples of the item. Alternatively you can implicitly name the product title "item 10 pieces" and ship 10 items if one was orders. Amazon also has a Verpackungseinheiten attribute which I dont know exactly how it is named but you can find it in excel upload sheet you get from Amazon. Having said that, I am not quite sure if m2e automatically links the magneto Verpackungseinheiten attribute to the Amazon one or if you have to set them manually as product specifics.
  8. This is independent of magmi. just import your attributes into the right store view . M2e will use the data from the assigned store view into the corresponding marketplace.
  9. Yes, it is in listing settings. Go to your listing and in the upper part there is the settings button. The days entered there are added to your shipping time by amazon when calculating the expected delivery date on the product detail page and in cart.
  10. Hello guys! How to set the Fulfillment Latency attribute (code: fulfillment_latency; german seller central: "Bearbeitungszeit der Bestellung" or german flat-file: "Vorlaufzeit für die Lieferung") in m2e, which can be set in seller central and in flat file on a per product basis. I can neither find it in m2e as a product specific nor in any policy. Default value seems to be 1 (as stated in seller central) but we need higher fulfillment latency for some products) May anyone help? Kind regards