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  1. This problem may be related to the error Call to a member function addItem() on array. The error is caused by some problems in magento code. https://github.com/magento/magento2/issues/8022 If this the case of why the same tracking number is sent continuously you will see this error in the table m2epro_system_log.
  2. In the text of the error 'fixed price' does not mean at all that price is taken from attribute fixed_price. It rather means that price provided for option fixed price is lower than ebay requires but the price is still triggered from attribute you set up in selling policy. Re-check the value provided in the attribute applied in policy with the respect to the store view you use for listings as a source of data. Also, the problem may be related in the magento version. If it is old one the problems like this may arise. Make sure that you are at least on the version 2.1.5
  3. If you decide to manage price for ebay items by some tool, everything you will need to do to prevent m2e pro from overriding it, is to disable revise conditions for price in synchronization policy. Simply set option Price to no. In the same policy in revise rules section you need to disable all the options from full revise area below. Remember never to run manual revise action for items as this action trigger full product data update. https://docs.m2epro.com/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=17367083
  4. Option 'Package Size Source' appears only when in International Shipping section for option 'Type' you select 'Calculated: Cost Varies by buyer location'. Did you try this option for shipping type option? This option is not supported for every eBay market place. Only for US, CA and AU you can select Calculated shipping type. However, if you are using Shipping Rate Tables this option is not useful for you for correct calculation of shipping cost. Cost depends on Postage Rate you selected on ebay (Item, weight or surcharge). Shipping Rate set up in shipping Tables on ebay will be applied to listings if you activate the option eBay Shipping Rate tables in shipping policy.
  5. Herri, You were close to your goal. In stead of 'Move items to another' listing you need to execute option Sell on Another eBay site. This option is available within the same Settings View Mode under the option you mentioned https://docs.m2epro.com/display/eBayMagentoV6X/Sell+on+another+eBay+Site
  6. Not sure if it is still actual but tax settings of your magento store does not have any relation to tax that should be shown on ebay or amazon product page. To show price with tax on amazon you need to configure tax setting directly on amazon seller central. https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?ie=UTF8&nodeId=201721890 If the price is shown with tax this information should be reflected in imported order but to make the same information be transferred to magento order you need to choose TAX source in order settings as Amazon or ebay. More detailed Sell on ebay (amazon)/Configuration/ Accounts/Orders tab in account configurations/Order TAX settings block. Here are examples how tax will be applied in magento order if different settings are adjusted https://docs.m2epro.com/display/eBayMagentoV6X/Settings+for+Tax+Calculation
  7. You could remove particular products from the listing by running the action Stop on eBay / Remove from Listing But it seems to be strange that similar items are in both 3rd party listing and m2e pro listing. Items that you list via m2e pro can't be imported into 3rd party listing. Maybe it is worth re-map 3rd party item to another magento product that is not represented in the listing. Or the impression that you have duplicated listings on ebay.
  8. The images on ebay are switched only by one variational attribute. The attribute by which you want the images were switched is set up in description policy for Change Images for Attribute option. Attribute images are taken from the most recently created child product which varies by the specific attribute value. That means that you need to set up the correct pictures for all child items.
  9. You can't change payment method. It is used by default for creation of magento order. You can still try to edit in the converted invoice.
  10. Image tag in description policy like #media_gallery# is not correct. It should be rather like #media_gallery[,,,0,row,0,"",]#. This tag is generated automatically if you use standard image insertion feature. All the values from multi-select attributes layout are separated by comma without spaces. Unfortunately! The only way to have spaces between all the values is to put the space in attribute itself in front of name. Multi-select attributes store view problem - most likely the attribute options for different store views were not set up into attribute configurations. The admin values are used in case there is no values for specific store view.
  11. Most common reasons why orders do not uploaded from ebay: errors in system or errors on sever low hosting configurations (max execution time should be min 360 sec or memory limit should be 512Mb) cron does not work (you can check cron job in Help section) In any case if orders are not imported, you should report about the problem to m2e support to get the issue investigated more accurately.
  12. You can disable listing synchronization under Synchronization tab. It will stop automatic product synchronization. But I would recommend you to be very careful regarding removing products from magento that are added to m2e pro listing. This may brake connection between magento product and item you list via m2e. Make sure that all IDs that are represented in the listings remain in magento catalog with initial configurations. To prevent order synchronization you can disable magento order creation in account settings (orders tab). It will let to stop magento order creation but orders will keep being imported into Sales tab from market places.
  13. This article will be helpful for all sellers who need to set up unit product price for ebay items https://docs.m2epro.com/display/eBayMagentoV6X/Unit+Price There you will also find reference to the decimal separator that should be used to configure the unit price properly.
  14. Hi, everyone. 1. 'You have to select Magento Variation' error appears when the product with variations was added into listing as an individual product for which variations were not selected. In previous versions configurable product was added to the listing with parent-child relations. In the current one the product by default is added as an individual. To change the variations mode you need to click the grey icon under to title of variations. But the icon will not be shown if the settings for new asin assigned to product. If settings were assign upon the steps of adding product to listing you need to unlink new asin settings by clicking. 2. " This Parent has no Child Products on which the chosen Action can be performed.". This error is related to the product configurations provided directly in your magento store. Probably, the child products were removed from parent one or the magento store view that is used for m2e listing is not selected for child products in Websites tab. Make sure the configurations of the product are correct in your magento catalog.