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  1. Hi, why don’t you use Magento’s short description? You can set here less than 50 characters and list your products with this Magento attribute successfully. Or you can choose a Custom value for Description in Description policy and also mention shorter information about the product
  2. Hi you can find in your Client`s Portal - Billing History but you may find the invoice for current month only after the end of the billing period
  3. Hi, can somebody help me? I cannot choose monthly plans, only annual plans are available Thanks.
  4. Hi Had the same error returned, upgrade to the latest version was of help and fixed it
  5. Hi, faced the same issue recently. There can be different reasons for this, see what I have checked – the first thing, check your synch logs: amazon – help center – health status – developers area – synch logs. Usually there are logs which indicates the reason – check php error logs – check cron job – if nothing above is the case, contact support team, maybe they will be able to help.
  6. Hi Amazon does not always allow you to display your info if you list under existing ASIN. Channel has its own logic and it compares sellers` description and whom is the best – so that info is displayed. But you can try to provide the details in Description Policy in M2E Pro and then assigned it to the product(s). When the details are rivesed, you will see whether your product description is applied or not.
  7. Hi try to disable all options except for quantity in Revise Rules/Synchronization but dont run manual revise, otherwise all data will be updated.
  8. Hey, I also had the same case before with the following settings: "International returns > Return Policy: No Returns Accepted" I was able to resolve the error by enabling such settings. The point is that if you are a business seller you should allow the International returns due to recent eBay's requirements. Cheers.
  9. Hey Andy, I know that M2E allows 12 or 13 digit EAN, but it is very important that the code is valid (you can check the validation using the UPC validator). And the 'ItemPackageQuantity' is always better keep set to “None" in your Description policy. Recently I had kind of the same case and I checked Amazon drafts where I was able to adjust some attributes. Try to do the same. And yes I know, it takes some time to list the product on Amazon because Amazon submits and checks the product data. Cheers. Good luck.
  10. Hey, If you have both live and staging domain sites under the same license, you should know that two instances with the same M2E Pro setup can lead to double synchronization. To avoid any duplicates you should disable all the synchronization. Eg. If you are not going to use M2E Pro in one of the instances - you can disable M2E Pro (System > Configuration > Channels). Or if you are planning to use M2E Pro on both instances you should disable Inventory synchronization and Magento orders creation. You can disable it here: marketplace > Configuration > Synchronization / Accounts. In case you want to test on another account you need to delete your live account first (BUT please note that you should do it JUST via Database (NOT via the interface!) because otherwise your live instance account may be affected, if you delete it from the test instance then it will not work in your live instance ) and after you will be able to add a Sandbox account. Good luck.
  11. Is your 'hb_brand' attribute added to all Magento attribute sets?
  12. Do you use Out of Stock Control option? There were some adjustments made to it on eBay. Now it can be enabled/disabled for the whole eBay account not for some particular listings as it used to be. So you need to enable Out of Stock Control in your eBay account under Site Preferences tab. After this, Products with 0 quantity will be revised successfully.
  13. Hi I had the same case before. For the EAN and UPC Magento attributes you must select the "Text field" Input type . And make sure that the attributes are added to all attribute sets, as I had a couple of which I forgot 🙂 Good luck!
  14. It sounds like your products quantities are not properly updated from Magento to Amazon. My recommendation would be to check your Synchronization Policy. If all is ok - check your qty in magento becаuse M2E gets information from there. And you could check magento attribute selected as quantity source in your Selling Policy. And my last idea: if you use additional tools for product updates then M2E doesn't always detect action of them. Information about it is in M2E Pro documentation, so i recommend read about it and make needed adjustments if this is the case. Good luck! 🙂
  15. these qty values are usually taken from Magento child products' qty or attribute that you specified in M2E Selling Policy. If you use Conditional Revise, the qty will be updated only after product qty corresponds the provided condition. I use it set to 10, so my products qty is updated only if it is less than 10 in Magento. Check this article out.