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  1. Looks like the images don't meet eBay's requirements. The first thing I would verify is that pictures are at least 500 pixels on the longest side (that is one of eBay's recommendations). You may find this guide helpful https://www.ebay.com/help/selling/listings/adding-pictures-listings?id=4148, eBay describes the requirements for photos here. I hope this helps
  2. Hi, it means M2E can not get the access via MWS Auth token to your Amazon account. Try to contact Amazon Support and verify the status of your account, make sure it is not blocked or suspended. Then try to connect account again to M2E. Sometimes your browser page may get cached and show the same error, so it's better to clear the caches before linking account.
  3. This can happen when you delete your simple from the variational product both in Magento and eBay.... So: if you deleted Variation Options after the Product was Listed on the channel this error will appear If you are going to manage this product you could only stop this Item and List anew with the updated set of variational options I hope I helped you, but I recommend you to contact support with this issue for more information and advice)
  4. I asked M2E Pro Support about this, here is what they wrote: “Here are the Magento events M2E Pro is subscribed to and which have to be triggered when Magento Product info is updated: catalog_product_save_before catalog_product_save_after” So, as I understand, when you update product info, events are triggered and this notifies M2E about the change and I recommend reading this article, there is useful info: https://docs.m2epro.com/display/BestPractice/Programmatic+Possibilities+to+work+with+Extension I think that should help you
  5. M2E has some info on this one https://support.m2epro.com/error-guide/1568992-you-are-using-upcs-eans-isbns-asins-or-jan-codes-that-do-not-match-products-you-are-trying-to-list/ “The error is returned by Amazon API if your product data is not eligible for a new ASIN creation. Please make sure that your product identifier is valid for this particular product and provided in a correct format, i.e. 12-digit UPC, 12 or 13-digit EAN, 10 or 13-digit ISBN.» So it happens if Amazon rejects a product for some reason. It's better to contact Amazon to clarify what data is contradicting. I don’t know what else to recommend... I hope I helped you and good luck!