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  1. I had the same EAN error, after trying everything mentioned it still wouldn't work. I did manage to fix it for me by going into the Magento record for the parent and all child products, under Websites, made sure the marketplaces box was ticked. I think that if you tick this box on the parent before creating the associated products they will be filled automatically. Would need to test that but it would explain why I hadn't had the problem before.
  2. No sorry, I have gone back to creating the listing on Amazon and mapping it to the Magento product, it's just easier.
  3. Hi everyone, I've just started using FBA, and it seems to be working OK in most instances, i.e. when one is sold on Amazon the quantity is reduced on eBay and when i sell one on ebay I am getting Amazon to deliver the item so again the quantity is reduced as it should be. However, I had a return on Amazon and i notice that the quantity goes back up on the 'FBA inventory page' but not on the 'all inventory page' so the quantity is showing one less to the customer on amazon and Magento doesn't get updated with the returned stock quantities so eBay also is showing one less. Has anyone come across this and know if there is a fix? Hope some one can help, Richard
  4. Hi, thanks a lot for replying to this message. Actually I sent it to Amazon support and they helped me fix it. The problem was that for each child item it was missing attributes for department_name material_composition outer_material_type These fields are mandatory for the particular category I was selling in. They said for the parent product only the following attributes are mandatory SKU, Title, Brand, Feed Product Type, Browse Node, Parentage, Variation Thanks again
  5. I am trying to list a new ASIN with variations to Amazon. This is the first I have attempted. The Parent ASIN has listed but when I try to list the child items I get problems. I git several errors about specifics being wrong or missing, which I fixed one by one as they came up. This was easy as it would tell me which specific was causing the problem. Then after a while i got the following two errors Value "", that were sent for one of the Specifics, is invalid, because it is possible to use only type "decimal". Please, enter a valid value according to the Specific type and try again. The value set for one of specific is empty or invalid. Please set the correct value and try again. After this I filled in every specific on Parent and child to make sure then I get the following error 100% of the products in your file did not process successfully. We recommend using Check My File to help you identify and correct common listing errors before updating your inventory. To use Check My File, upload your file on the "Add Products via Upload" page in the "Check My File" section. Obviously I don't have access to the file so can't upload it. Anyone come across this or have any ideas? Thanks
  6. Yes I don't understand it myself but the line in the M2E docs must be significan, whatever it actually means "It is caused by the different manner of the data providing. "
  7. Hi, the easiest way is to just create different attributes for the different prices, i.e amz_price, eby_price, define one for each Amazon or eBay site that you want to sell on, then in the selling policy you tell it which price to use.
  8. Hi, can't help you fix this problem but there is a note about it in the M2Epro docs, I've copied it in below. It is a problem with the Amazon API not M2E. Maybe you could create the ASIN's with M2Epro then go into the products directly on Amazon and add the extra search terms Please note, currently (on 24th of March, 2016) there are some diversity between providing the Search Terms directly through Seller Central (where the limit of character is 1 000) and through M2E Pro (where Amazon API accepts only 50 characters for one Search Term Value). It is caused by the different manner of the data providing. Perhaps, the limits would be increased by Amazon API in future. Richard