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  1. Do you want the price on ebay mach the price set for your magento product? According to the screenshot of price configuration the price on ebay should be decreased on 11A $. Maybe here the problem is. It will never be similar. You should to disable absolute value decrease option.
  2. Do you try to install an extension via magento connect manager? The errors may appear when something is wrong with connection between magento and connect manager. Try to install the m2e via php admin panel. Download the latest version of the M2E Pro from or and then extract zip file in your Magento root folder. Or keep trying to install via connect manager until succeed.
  3. The first error means that the value of one of the attribute, which you provided in description policy as a source of some of option, is ampty or has incorrect value. From my own experience when I got this error it appered that value of attribute I set as a source of weigh included text instead of numeric as it is required for such type of option. You need to check values of attributes which you set up in policy for each simple product variation. As for the second error I am not sure but I think that is related to the setting provided in descrition policy. You need to fill all the required properly. Then try to list options again.
  4. If you set up all required settings but the error keeps returning you should double check settings again as most probably something is missing. Make sure that: - source EAN is provided in description policy - the corresponding description policy is used for product. You can check it in the listing grid by switching to Settings view mode when you are in a listing grid. - the attribute you set as a source of EAN contain the value of EAN in product configurations and this value is valid. Validation of ean you can check on special web sites. - if you use the attribute with scope Store View or website make sure that attribute field has value for all store views by switching store view in product configurations And at the end make sure you use List action and not Relist. Relist action may apply to previously configured settings.
  5. So according to the clarification of an issue you are having problems not with synchronization policy but with magento stock that goes back to in stock after the last product has been purchased. Since you do not use any tool for invetory managment there is only one possible reason that crossed my mind. For how many days did you set up the product reservation untill the magento order is created? And what rules for magento order creation have you specified in account configurations - Create magento order when check out is complited or something? If you have product reservation set up for one day and create magento order when, for example, payment is received which may take longer than one day it may lead to the behaviour you have described. So, order comes from eBay and stay reserved for one day. After one day passed the product is released and as a result its stock updated to in stock. And before the payment is received and based on this rule magento order is created the product may be purchased by another customer. Check your settings in account configurations and if it looks like I think just change the terms of product reservation for longer period or set up to make magento order immidiately.
  6. What version of m2e are you using? I heard of such problem existed in outdated versions. Try to upgrade to the latest version of m2e - 6/4/3. The instructions of how to do that in here
  7. Usually errors regarded to memory limits are sent when there is no enough memory limit set on your hosting for proper work of synchronization. The minimal requirements for memory limit is 512MB but when you need to upload or update thousandths of products in a bulk the memory limit should be increased. And here where you can have problems is a hosting company which is not willing to give more memory then minimal 512MB. Such companies do not really care of system requirements that your modules may need for correct work. You should ask hosting company to provide you higher memory limit.
  8. Your problem sounds very similar to what I had in past. My Amazon uk account was suspended by Amazon for not completely clear reasons for me. I searched on the internet and came across this site We had to reactivate our Amazon account directly on Amazon. I think you should contact Amazon support to clarify date and ask them to explain reason of why your account got blocked. It could be other issue that was not anticipate. It would be nice for other sellers if you shared the information responded back from Amazon if there is any provided just to know for future in order to be able to prevent the same situation happens again.
  9. It seems that you guys have incorrect settings providing in synchronization policy. I'd advise you to check following: stop rules - here you specify when product should be stopped (for example when product become out of stock); relist rRules should be disabled in case you do not want product been relisted when stock was updated to available. Also you should make sure that correct synchronization settings are used for listing. There are some reasons when product qty is not updated and as a result rules are not applied for item. One of them if you use side tools for managing inventory in magento as such extension may override standard magento functionality due to which product changes simply are not detected by m2e. I am sure there is a resolution described for such cases in docs.