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  1. Hi, I could not find any information if it is possible for M2E after generating he ASIN with Amazon to feed that information back to the Magento product. We have a Magento attribute for the ASIN but do not want to have to manually copy/paste the ASIN into the product attributes once M2E automatically listed it on Amazon from Magento. Basically we want the following process: Make a product on Magento with an empty attribute for ASIN -> M2E takes product, makes listing for Amazon and generates an ASIN -> M2E reports back the ASIN and writes it into the empty Magento attribute. Can this b done somehow?
  2. Hi, I have a few problems and question related to M2E and hope someone can help. I made a new article in Magento and managed to get it automatically listed via Amazon (we are trying to optimize ou processes). I did not have the attributes automatically linked to the Amazon attributes so now the article basically only has a name and a price. Now I set up that set of configuration so M2E can convert the Magento attributes into Amazon ones and it even states on the product in the listing view: Item Details, e.g. Condition Note, Gift Message, Gift Wrap, Item Description, Shipping or Product Tax Code settings, need to be updated on Amazon. To submit new Item Details, apply the Revise action. Use the Advanced Filter to select all Items with the Details changes and update them in bulk. I did this yesterday evening, so roughly 19 hours ago and yet no change, the article on Amazon has not changed. Does anyone have an idea why not and maybe point me in the right direction? On a side note, is it even possible to change the title of a product (which is our own with EAN nr etc. and nobody else is selling it) AT ALL and via Magento/M2E more specifically?