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  1. I have 2 types of listings on my M2E Pro system, one listing contains over 6500 items and the other contains over 1500 items. Whenever I attempt to revise the listings, M2E Pro does not handle it well, and the percentage bar stays at 0%. Further, if a product is purchased through my Magento store and as a result the quantity reaches 0, the product goes out of stock in my system. M2E Pro is supposed to automatically revise these items on ebay so that the listings on ebay get hidden because the items are no longer available, this however, is not happening. Has anyone experienced this issue before? Any suggestions on how I can go about rectifying it?
  2. Ebay recently released new categories in Australia that are relevant to my business however M2E Pro is not properly updating the categories. Anyone have any input?
  3. If anyone experiences this issue with their system take note that it has nothing to do with the M2E Pro Extension directly. M2E Pro takes advantage of the default image manipulation class that was built by Varien. This class is called Varien_Image and by default, it utilises a GD adapter. GD is a common Image Manipulation PHP extension bundled with most PHP stacks. This adapter, written by Varien, does not seem to take into consideration PNG-24 images. This resulted in the bug I experienced. More specifically, the alpha channel (transparency) was being lost. There are ways to work around it using GD in PHP. Some more tedious than others. In the end, I decided to use a different adapter. Specifically, a imagemagic adapter.
  4. I have noticed that when I upload an image for watermarking my products, I get unexpected results. I provide M2E Pro with a multi-layered PNG that takes opacity and transparency into consideration. I set the "Watermark Transparency" to DISABLED as I do not want the entire image transparent to 30%. When I upload listings to EBay, the final image has a flattened watermark over it. And anything in the watermark that is considered to be "white" in colour, has been made transparent while all other colours are made solid. My watermark is designed to have my logo in the centre. The logo is grey and transparent, designed to obstruct the image without loosing to see the product underneath it. After the module merges the watermark, the logo becomes a solid grey and obstructs the image. How do I stop this from happening?
  5. Hi there, I am a Magento developer that is currently running a Magento 1.9 store that uses the Aitoc - Multi-Location Inventory Module. We use this module so that our multi-store setup can have different inventory quantities for different websites. Our store is represented in 2 different countries, Australia and the USA. We have two websites that cater for each customer base. While our websites have the same catalogs and items as they are in the same industry, they have different inventories as we have different stock levels in Australia and the USA. My questions are Does anyone have experience using these 2 modules together? Does anyone have experience using M2E Pro with a different Multi-Location Inventory module? Is there someone to talk to in regards to helping me create a compatibility module to allow these 2 modules to co-exist? Kind Regards, Peter