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  1. Hello, when I list my item on ebay with M2E pro I receive this error: "The Item cannot be updated properly on eBay because its Option label(s) contain(s) a space at the start or in the end of the value which will cause the further errors. Please, adjust the Option label(s) to solve this issue.". I checked the label but there aren't space. Can I resolve? Best regards
  2. Hi, I create new ASIN for my items. My Magento configurable Product have assigned the associated tems.
  3. Hello, when I revise the item on Amazon I recive thi s error "This Parent has no Child Products on which the chosen Action can be performed." Can I resolve?
  4. Hello, the extension create many duplicate of the inserction when i list my products on ebay. Can I resolve? Thanks
  5. The extension now not work. In old list I have the error " This Parent has no Child Products on which the chosen Action can be performed.". If the staff not resolve immediately this iusses I change extension for the integration between Magento and Amazon
  6. Hello, I update my m2e Pro but now whe I list the items on Amazon I receive this error "You have to select Magento Variation." Can I resolve? Best regards
  7. Hello, we are creating a new website, which will replace the old site. We don't want to lose synchronization of products with the marketplaces, but we would not relist the products over again not to lose our rating. So I would like to know if I can import the M2E configuration as it is, with all products, without losing synchronization with the marketplaces in which we operate. Is it possible? Thanks you a lot.