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  1. Hello Community! The problem was the transmission of the EAN. This caused Ebay to assign any data to the article, which we also transferred to the article. After turning off the automatic transfer of the EAN and transferring the EAN as an custom attribute for the category, it works. (M2E Pro Description settings -> ebay catalog identifiers -> EAN: Does Not Apply) Many Thanks to the M2E Pro Support Team
  2. Hello community, i try to upload products through M2E pro. Some Products throw the error below, other products are already uploaded. All of these products have the same category (174100: Auto & Motorrad: Teile->Auto-Ersatz- & -Reparaturteile->Antriebsteile & Getriebe->Kupplungssätze) and equal data. The category comes from a Magento attribute and we have added the following additional Data: Herstellernummer, Hersteller, Referenznummer(n) OE, Referenznummer(n) OEM. (it's a German Shop and we sell on the german marketplace) The error message: Short error: Cannot list with both product listing details and item compatibilities. Long error: Cannot list with both product listing details and item compatibilities. Either provide product listing details or manually specify item compatibilities. (German message: Es ist nicht möglich, Artikel sowohl mit Produktdetails als auch mit Artikelkompatibilitäten einzustellen. Stellen Sie entweder Produktangebotsdetails bereit oder geben Sie manuell Artikelkompatibilitäten an.) This shuld be ebay error 21916720 but the number is not shown in the message. Has anyone ever solved the problem or an idea on which data ebay could be disturbed? The ebay developer support answers only with the error message - not helpful since this does not explain why, in case of two similar products, the first one can be uploaded and the second one cannot. Both have a vehicle compatibility list, a list of equivalent manufacturer numbers, a description, various attributes... Thanks for any ideas!