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  1. Hi, usually our tracking codes are imported to Magento/ M2E via a .csv file. Unfortunately this happens after the order is changed to complete and the tracking codes aren't sent to Amazon. If we manage orders manually, entering the tracking code and changing status to complete, everything works fine and the tracking code is sent to Amazon. How do you manage your tracking codes and order status updates? Can anyone recommend an extension or tool with which we can enter the tracking codes in bulk before order status is set to complete? Thank you! Regards Katharina Vester
  2. shopanbieter

    Send shipment tracking code after order is completed

    Thank you. We will try this.
  3. Hi there, After receiving an order and shipping it we enter the shipment tracking code via a CSV-Import. Unfortunately the tracking code is not transferred from Magento to Amazon. According to M2E support this is caused by M2E not recognizing changes that are made by a third party tool. And as the status is already "complete", the order status is not updated and the code not sent. The suggested to use Magmi import tool or a programmatic possiblity to work with extensions. Does anyone have any experiences with one of the options (Magmi or programmatic possibilites) regarding updating order status after completion? What do we have to do to make it work? Is there any other possibility to resend shipping information without clicking on the resend button with every single order? Thank you.
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    Bundling a number of identical articles with one SKU

    Thank you for your help. But that's not exactely what we need. We want to offer the same item in different shipping units. That means the costumer should be able to choose between different quantities. This option is available for different sizes or colors but we couldn't find out how to do it with different units.
  5. Hi at all! We're currently facing a problem regarding product types. We have some pretty small items like cutlery and at the moment we sell them individually. But we want to sell them as bundles of 30 or any other number. Therefore we created bundle products but are facing some problems as the item is already listed on Amazon and we don't want to bundle different SKUs but 30 identical SKUs in one package. All the help I could find in M2E Pro Documentation copes with bundling different SKUs. Could you please tell me how to sell a certain number of identical SKUs in one offer? Is it possible to do that if the product is already listed or do I have to use a product that isn't available already? I hope it is clear what I need. Don't hestitate to ask if you need any further details/ information. Thank you in advance. Katharina Vester