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  1. Yeah. This is what I understood and did. But it does not solve the problem mentioned in the original question. How to apply shipping templates for new products getting added to the list. Thanks Rahil
  2. Hey, I am unable to set shipping templates to existing and new products. Does someone know how can I apply existing shipping policy to all existing and new products? See attached. No option to select shipping policy
  3. Hey Folks, have 4 Amazon marketplaces setup. Getting random error in listing Log There is more than one Product found on Amazon using Search by ISBN XXXXXXXX. First, you should select certain one using manual search. We have made sure that each book has unique sku in Magento. This error also comes up for books which have only one copy in the Magento catalog. When I search Amazon with the mentioned ISBN, I only see one book. Has anyone experienced this issue before? We are unable to list quite few books because of this issue. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks