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  1. Hi on friday we have upgraded our shop to Magento 2.3.5 and at the same time we have updated to 1.6.0. Unfortunately I don't have a working sandbox account from ebay, that's why we only noticed in the production environment that the synchronisation of the stock doesn't work properly anymore. When selling on ebay, an order with a stock reservation is created in Magento. Afterwards the old stock is transferred to ebay again. I have searched a little bit for the reason for this. My opinion is that it is due to the observers of the event cataloginventory_stock_item_save_after. If Magento inventory (MSI) is enabled, it will only update the stock in the msi inventory if it has received the same event via an observer. This is always done after the stock has been updated on ebay. Unfortunately m2e pro does not detect the inventory itself and the value on ebay remains wrong. Is there any way to turn this off? Here's an example: The stock changed from 22 to 20 on ebay due to an ebay order. On 12:11:50 m2epro created an order in Magento and created a reservation for 2 units in inventory_reservation (stock in default source is 22 - 20). When m2epro changed the stock in ebay directly back to 22. Only a manual start of the synchronisation changes the quantity in ebay back to 20. Kind regards, Markus
  2. Hello, i have had relatively little experience with m2epro and am currently trying to transfer our products to ebay. I have noticed that our bundled products do not show the pictures of the child products in ebay. Only the images of the main product will be transferred. Is this really the case or is it an error in the configuration? Thanks in advance for your answer Markus