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  1. Hi Alexander, During the last couple of months, M2E team has been monitoring updates of the new managed payment regulations. According to eBay, the enrollment into the Managed Payments program will happen gradually. M2E development team has been closely reviewing the related API announcements and release notes. The developers confirmed that the seller's enrollment into the new eBay managed payment will not affect any listings within M2E Pro. For now, you can just ignore the warning notices.In the future M2E Pro version, 'Managed Payments' option will also become available among the other methods in the Payment Policy. M2E Team will continue observing the situation to ensure M2E Pro compatibility with the channel changes.
  2. Each environment is unique and it's hard to assume what could lead to the maintenance mode in your particular case. That is why we recommend contacting our Support Team if such situation arises. To be able to check all the details, the Support Team needs to have access to your Magento admin panel. And in most cases, it's also required to have access to CPanel/SSH access to be able to investigate the situation and assist you in sorting the issue out. M2E Support Team understands the importance of such situations, such requests are always marked as a high priority and are forwarded to the technicians right away.