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  1. As far as I know, M2E is fully compatible with php 7.4. You can check the Release Notes of one of their versions Have you contacted M2E Support team to check the details, dtcuk?
  2. Have you tried removing "" from the link that redirects you to eBay when you go to re-get the token?
  3. Hi, I had the same issue, it seems to be related to eBay security policy update. I was able to re-get token from Safari browser. You can also try to do it in another browser. Hope this helps.
  4. Alexander, are you sure that NumberOfItems is the proper specific for this? As I know it's Amazon requirement to set number more than 1 there cause it's not about the volume but about the number of items. Have you searched for some more appropriate specific for it? for example size?
  5. If your IP changes, you need to specify it in your account on M2E client's portal. Tick 'remember my choice' option so that every new IP can be automatically added to your license. In this way, the license will not be going invalid and the synch will not be interrupted. M2E always updates the Products on eBay based on the Magento values. And if product is sold out on my website, M2E always stops it on eBay as well. It might be that you're updating Magento product quantities with some third-party tool. In this case, you need to adjust it properly so M2E can see the changes made to your products quantities. Here, check this article:
  6. Hi, I faced the same error before. It was related to the name of CreditMemo folder in my Magento, it should be named 'Creditmemo'. But it also can be related to some files missing in your instance. You can try upgrading M2E Pro to the latest version and check the issue afterward.