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  1. Hello, we use Magento Ver. and M2e Pro in latest version to sell products on ebay. Sometimes M2E Pro create order without shipping cost, but shipping cost is placed in magento and ebay: We setup international shipping rules per kgs in shipping table rules on ebay page for national and international shipping. After this we setup M2E Pro settings in magento for international shipping. We click Yes for "Use eBay Shipping Rate Table". In the dropdown Mode i select "Free" because i can not skip this settings and use only the shipping rate table. :-( Now we have a problem with shipping cost in magento order and invoice. Sometimes M2E Pro create a international order without shipping cost. When i open the order in M2E Pro "Sell on Ebay -> Sales" here i can see the correct 13.90 Euro for shipping. When i open the order in magento menu "Sales -> Orders" the order have no shipping cost. Here you found the order without shipping cost despite the fact that we setup shipping cost in magento/m2e pro and in ebay shipping rules. "Shipping & Handling Information: eBay Shipping - DHL Paket International €0.00" The grand order value include the shipping cost, but in shipping information box there is: "0,00" Euro for shipping. In this case the bill pdf in magento do not show shipping cost The order pdf and invoice also do not show the shipping cost. I hope you can help us with more information to solve this problem. Thank you very much and have a good day. Best wishes Tommy
  2. Hello, we are a company based in germany. We have some products on Now we try to setup the shipping price based on the product weight. We enter the weight in the product mask / product attribute "weight". After this we entered the shipping rates per kg in ebay for germany. In the field "Type" we have only 2 values: "Flat: same cost to all buyers" and "No Shipping: Local pickup only". We select the first one. I see in the M2EPro Help this image: In this image i see the option: "Calculated: cost varies by buyer location" But we have NOT this option! This is the reason why we chose "Flat: some cost to all buyers"! In the next step we setup the "Add Shipping Method". We leave the requiered "cost" field with "0" Value. Because we cant setup here a fixed shipping price, we need shipping cost based on weight. For all settings please also check the attached image. We cleared all caches and reindex the product. We also resend the products to ebay. But no effect to shipping prices in the ebay products. Ebay show message: "shipping is free". Could you tell me what is wrong? How we can setup shipping rates based on the product weight? Do you have any idea what is wrong? Thank you and best wishes from germany Tommy