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  1. Upgraded using Magento Connect, now M2E Pro gives message: M2E Pro is currently under maintenance The Module interface is unavailable and the background tasks stop running. Service can be put under maintenance automatically due to the following reasons: Module installation failed, e.g. due to the incorrect installation via Magento Component Manager, incompatibility of Magento and its Modules or other related technical issues. Module upgrade failed, e.g. due to the improper M2E Pro tables updating. Please contact M2E Pro Support Team to resolve the issue. I have tried upgrading using the manual method, but still the same. I have a support ticket open, but only had initial response asking me to submit credentials. This is critical, as orders are unable to update to eBay and Amazon that we have shipped, no new orders and downloading and stock is going to get out of sync! We also can't complete the migration to M2 until this is resolved, and that needs to be done by tomorrow!!! Where the HELL is support?