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  1. So I fixed my last error, but I've been having a huge one for a while now and I hope you guys can help. This is a problem in two parts, which may or may not be connected: - First, whenever my client tries to use the Add Product --> From Product List option the site stalls an he gets a Gateway Timeout error. We can work around this a bit by selecting Add Products --> From Categories, but whenever a category of over 175 products is selected it gives the same stalling and 405 Gateway Timeout error. First I thought that it might be a lack of resources, but after fixing the timeout limit and memory limit it still gives the error. - Second, whenever I use the work around and list products via Add Products --> From Categories and try to add over 10 items it makes a listing task. This in itself is not a problem, but this task always gives the same error 'eBay security policy only allows HTTPS resources in listings, not HTTP. Please update or remove any HTTP resources'. The weird thing is when I then try to list only 10 items it of course makes no task and list the items immediately, but without errors. I'm at a loss here. So all the help you guys could give would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi Guys, A client of mine has been getting this mysterious error whenever something goes out of stock. Cannot submit an Item with zero quantity. It contradicts eBay requirements.This action has been generated automatically based on your Synchronization Rule settings. The error occurs when the Stop Rules are not properly configured or disabled. Please review your settings. The problem here is that this error blocks items being stopped on the channel and makes it possible for items to sell twice. Does anyone know which combination of settings results in this error?