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  1. Hello, trying to figure out what settings I have enabled that are preventing this from synchronising correctly. I'm using Magento 1.9. The problem is that ebay quantities are updating perfectly for all quantities other than 0. For example, items will successfuly revise frrom 4 to 3, 3 to 2, 2 to 1, but as soon as the quantiy changes to 0, there is no subsequent revise action triggered on ebay. Here are the settings I have in place : - Out of stock control is ON in the PQF settings and has been enabled on ebay for years (I can manually revise quantities to 0 and the item remains active but hidden) - Inventory Synchronisation is ON Revise Rules - Image Stop Rules - Image - Manually sychronising does not trigger the update Here is an example log sequence for a successful qty change : 15 Aug 2020 10:21:32 Revise Item on Channel ID: TEST QTY was successfully Revised Automatic Success 15 Aug 2020 10:16:02 Change of Product QTY in Magento Store ID: TEST From [2] to [1]. Here is how it looks when the qty reduces to 0 : 15 Aug 2020 11:46:09 Change of Product QTY in Magento Store ID: TEST From [1] to [0]. <no further related entries> Has anybody else experienced this? Thanks in advance