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  1. Hi, I noticed today if I go to Sell on eBay> Config>Policies>My titled Description or Payment file There is nothing there - only a title bar saying General, and nothing below. Not even 'unfilled' grids for me to complete. I tried to upgrade the 6.4.13, but got an error message not allowing the fresh install (I did uninstall previous version, then fresh install, but it failed, so I rolled back the site to get M2ePro back in there). Can anyone help please?
  2. Can anyone advise on how to configure your image gallery not to have an “onclick” event please? We changed our listing template to conform with the non-active content rule, but it is not showing as 'mobile friendly' on the i-ways tool. Apparently, it is an M2epro issue. And need to know how to configure the gallery. I've looked on knowledgebase, can't find anything. Can anyone help please? Thanks
  3. Hi Ricks, After contacting M2ePro Support, the issue was resolved by updating to the latest version of M2ePro. Other than that - I couldn't give you any further advice on what to try. HTH Westwood
  4. This is a subtle fault I discovered yesterday. After a sale, M2epro is not always reflecting the change in it’s inventory column for the item, and therefore – is not passing this change over to eBay. We have ended up selling an item on eBay that we no longer have in stock. It’s a random fault – not every product is effected, but several are. I ran a stock list to cross check every item… I got through checking 7 items and found 2 errors – that’s going to be a very high percentage of possible oversales when the item eventually runs down to Zero. It’s obviously a Magento > M2ePro sync problem. I have triple checked our Policy settings are correct. Also, there is no 3rd Party software involved. Only me running backoffice, so not a staff change issue. M2E Pro Version 6.4.3 Magento: V Anyone else had same problem and resolved it? Thoughts anyone?
  5. I've had the same issue - no idea why. Can Official Support give a reply at all?