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  1. Hi, it related to the measurementSystem attributes validated by eBay API. The value in the M2E Shipping Policy should be integral (like 1,2,3 etc.) and not fractional number (like 0.5, 1.25 etc.). Other values just might not be validated and you may see the error. So, you can try to change the Package value and the issue should be resolved.
  2. Hi there, I’ve seen the same warnings for some time, but it didn’t affect any M2E Pro settings or Listings. You can use M2E and eBay managed payments. By the way, at the latest version, they added the option in the Payment policy, which you can use to set the payment type as you want. Here it is: Regarding the PayPal settings - generally, you can’t use it if you are involved in the eBay managed payment system. But if you want to use PayPal as usual, firstly you can try to opt out of the eBay managed Payments directly in your eBay account and then accept using PayPal.
  3. Amazon API doesn't return information about product sold QTY because of the custom security. That is why you can't add such field in M2E Pro Listing grid.
  4. It is a common problem after Amazon introduces the new requirements for product specifics. You can add needed product specifics in the Description policy. Required specifics can be there or you can use the Add specifics tab. Then choose Magento attributes or own Custom values and Save settings. After that, you should list/update products on Amazon. It helps me all the time.
  5. Hello, you can check this setting in Configurations > Account > Orders. It should help to solve the problem. But, if it is still not working, you can check if the automatic synchronization works smoothly. There could be errors in your system or something in Magento could block product synchronization so it is better to fix it.
  6. Hi, as Hanna said, eBay has a lot of requirements about the Listed pictures. Also, such errors are returned by eBay API and M2E just receives and shows them. I had the case with HTTPS images some time ago. I recommend checking whether your images meet all of the requirements and fixing all of the inconsistencies. Ones this is done the photos should be uploaded by eBay. I found something in M2E documentation https://support.m2epro.com/knowledgebase/63296-can-t-upload-product-image-on-ebay/ https://support.m2epro.com/knowledgebase/874620-self-hosted-images-updating-on-ebay/
  7. Good morning. If you are using Out of stock control, it is needed to enable Relist and Stop rules for proper synchronization. Stop rules will Hide items on eBay instead of Stop them and Relist rules will update products after they were Hide. The Stop rules are better to set as the product is Disable, status is Out of Stock, and Condition QTY is Less or equal to 0. And Relist rules are also better to set as Conditional QTY is Les or equal to 1. I think that way products will be updated in the right way and you shouldn’t face any problems.
  8. You can use M2E to import products from Amazon in Magento. As I know, it can be used 3rd Party Listings for it or other ways to do it. I’m using the 3rd Party and everything is working properly and it is the easiest way to manage products: just import it > Map to Magento products > Move to the listing and that’s it. If you would like to find more information, you can use Documentation: https://docs.m2epro.com/help/m2/ebay-integration/3rd-party-listing https://docs.m2epro.com/help/m1/amazon-integration/3rd-party-listings
  9. Hi, change QTY in Magento - this log shows that changes happened directly in Magento. M2E takes the details from Magento Product and sends them on the channel while List/Relist/Revice. So, if you see such logs it is better to check Magento settings for QTY management or tools configurations (if you update Stock by some software).