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  1. good afternoon, Yes, the main image is an image of Parent Product. If you want to send images for the Associated (child) Products on eBay, you need to choose Gallery Images for them. I used this guide to configure images for my product
  2. hi, I had the same problem with part of my Inventory, contacted the support team and they explained that the error is returned when Magento cannot return variational data to M2e pro on automatic revise action. I was suggested to upgrade to the latest version and it helped!! no errors now
  3. hi, check if you have option Create Product and Order enabled in Account Setting - Order . If so, disable it Hope it will help you)
  4. Where can I find the Invoices for current month?
  5. Hello, I have really urgent question! I have recently changed the domain and IP. Nothing works for Amazon:( .What should I do? thanks in advance for the quick reply
  6. Hello, check your payment method, it seems bank transfer is selected. It is used only for annual plans. I had the same question and Support told to change it to Credit Card or Paypal.