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  1. Hi, I've read all the articles and still can get our bundled products to work for Amazon. We have 2 types of bundle products setup: Bundled product consists of 6x identical simple products Bundled product consists of 6x different simple products We have M2Epro working fine for simple products, but when listing bundled products the M2E pushes it as single product. Any instructions, directions, guidance to achieve our goal would be extremely helpful Thanks!!!
  2. Did you figure this out the correct setup? In our case we have bundled products setup of either 6x different Simple products and 6x same Simple product.
  3. Sorry...before we had wines successfully listed on & .uk.
  4. Hi, we are selling wine. When creating the Description policy, we cannot find wine related categories under Amazon ES FR IT For Example for red wine should be under: Alimentari e cura della casa > Birra, vino e alcolici > Vino > Vino rosso I don't even see "Alimentari e cura della casa" when browsing. We have wine listed successfully on & .uk. We can list the wine manually from Amazon UI, but not through M2Epro. Marketplaces are updated in Magento. We have recently updated M2Epro to ver after we had wines successfully listed on & .uk. Please point me to the next troubleshooting steps.
  5. update all market places in Sell on eBay - Configuration - ebay sites tab did it. Thank you!!!
  6. Hi guys, I'm setting up eBay listings and want to have dynamic fields pulled from products custom attributes to eBay listings. Although when selecting custom attribute, the list is empty. Please suggest
  7. Hi guys, when the order comes from Amazon it shows Shipping Service: Std UK Dom. I want to use Magento shipping methods as those tie into the warehouse shipping workflows. Where in the settings I can specify the shipping methods to use from Amazon (I have GLS & UPS and I don't see those listed in the Shipping policies dropdown. Currently I don't have any shipping policies configured)? Where can I edit the shipping method on the order? Thanks!!