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  1. Hello I have communicated with the m2epro support and they told me that I should put that topic here. Here is the issue: We want to start creating promotions such as Volume pricing, Shipping discount, Sale event + markdown, Order discount or Coupon (basically every single available promotion on eBay) directly through m2epro, but the support told us that this is not possible. "Currently, tier price (volume price) functionality is not supported in the eBay integration of M2E Pro. Still, you can set up this feature on eBay directly using the instructions presented here. I believe your request is worth the attention of our developers and other M2E Pro users. If you could share your idea on our forum, we will appreciate it a lot: eBay - Our R&A team regularly checks suggestions that our users leave to find out what improvements could benefit them the most. For us, it's important to update M2E Pro based on our customers' requests. The more users support your idea, the greater the implementation priority it will have. If the option is developed for future module versions, its implementation will be announced in our release notes for M1 and M2. Thank you for making M2E Pro better." That was their exact answer. So my question is is it possible to create such promotions from m2epro on eBay (we have all of the configurations and etc properply)? And if not when it is going to be possible?? Thank you in advance.