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  1. Hi there, we are using the Australian ebay site. We are registered for GST so everything we sell on ebay includes 10% tax. ebay sales are shown in M2E pro with 0% and $0 tax. When magento orders are created they don't include tax also which carries through to our accounting system which is incorrect. How do I get M2e to create Magento orders with the the ebay sales price to include 10% tax? I tried the VAT feature but it did nothing (probably because I'm not in one of the VAT countries)
  2. Is there a way to create the magento order only once the ebay item is marked as shipped? We are syncing magento with our point of sale system and at the moment a sale will come through after the register is closed one day, and not appear on the next days register. (becuase it come through the previous day) If orders were only created once once marked as shiped it would solve this issue for us.