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    Bulky Goods

    I missed to set the "notify me" option... for this post.. ;-)
  2. Hi, is there a possibility to set the otion for bulky goods via M2E? We can only set the ebay shipping tables to be used but no option to sync the bukly goods status to be able to have different shipping costs for thess products. Any Ideas? Thank you in advance Timo
  3. Hi J.B. thank you for your reply. Unfortunately we use Magento 1.x. Anyone who has developed this requirement on his own in Mageno 1.x ?
  4. Hi, is it possible to define an attribute on which it is decided wether to list a product (Auto Add/Remove Tools) or not? I can not find a configuration for this? I only want to automatic list the products, if an attribute matches a specific value. Any ideas? Timo