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  1. Hydro, I'm still actively having to manually check (and then add the order to Magento) on a daily basis before our daily cut-off. Please keep this post updated if you do find a solution. Thanks
  2. I can confirm that these 2 variables are set well above the recommended settings. It also does not explain why Debnroo has 1 that works and 1 that doesn't.
  3. When an order comes through from eBay into Magento, it appears on the Sell On eBay > Sales Grid as expected. However, the Magento order isn't being created. I have to select Create Order from the Actions Menu. No errors appear in the M2E Pro Logs. My Settings Are Sell on eBay > Listings > "List" > Edit Settings > Synchronisation > Schedule > Enabled Sell On eBay > Configuration > Synchronisation > Inventory Enabled > Yes Sell On eBay > Configuration > Accounts > Orders > Create Order in Magento > Yes Sell On eBay > Configuration > Accounts > Orders > Create Magento Order When > Checkout is Completed* Sell On eBay > Configuration > Accounts > Orders > Reserve Quantity > 2 days* *Not my ideal setting, but been changing to test. Am I missing anything obvious?