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  1. Hi Guys Quick query or advise please I get several feeds from suppliers and some items are seasonal. So they come in and out of stock and to save having them block up my live listing I was going to move them to another listing for stopped seasonal items. I am doing this to avoid having to list them again and go through all the item specifics. We sell a mass of different things so I was looking a way of mass moving like 50 to 200 items into another listing group in bulk. But you can only move items in Setting area one at once. Not sure why they do not allow bulk movement from the View Mode Ebay in actions? It seems a very long-winded clunky way of moving items. Or am I doing it wrong? Dale
  2. Hi Guys Is there anywhere i can stop and relist items automatically based on a set of rules, Eg. An item with No Sales for 90 days? When you have 1000's of items it is very intensive to keep an eye on this on a daily basis. Other software's do this but I do not want to use these as they may screw up M2EPro. Dale