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  1. Hello, friends! I have faced such a problem... After automatic revising in product log I always see this warning - Duplicate updates were suppressed. This occurs when the same SKU appears multiple times in the same feed. Send only one update with the affected SKU to avoid seeing this warning. I could not find any information about this problem. Maybe someone can help me? Thank you
  2. Can't find how to edit post... About custom price sync. In attachment log, that custom attribute is changed, but there are no any action from M2E Pro
  3. Hello! I have listings in all Europe Amazon marketplaces, so now I am thinking about performance optimization. As far as I understand, if in all marketplaces are the same products with the same SKU's, quantity through M2E Pro I can sync only with one marketplace and Amazon edit this quanity for all marketplaces? (Amazon Global Selling Sync is disabled). So I can leave only price sync for all marketplaces. And second tricky question. If in selling policy Amazon Price source is custom price attribute - will M2E Pro do auto price sync if custom price attribute value is changed? I think, M2E Pro will auto sync only if Product Price is changed.
  4. Edit your ''Selling Format Policy'' - Variation Price Source
  5. Yeap, the same problem... After update, when I try to list configurable product, amazon says " You have to select Magento Variation. ".
  6. Sorry, I forgot say, that this problem is when I try list product to other marketplace. I need to list the same items on .de and marketplaces without using seller center sync. When I list my parent products (with child) on .de marketplace - all is working fine. But when I list the same products on marketplace, M2E listing grid has different ASIN, than seller center. And this problem is only with part of products.
  7. Hello! Maybe some of forum users know, how to solve this problem? When I add new parent product (with child products) to amazon with creating new ASIN numbers, some parent products have different ASIN than Amazon Seller Center. With child products all is ok. Where is the problem?