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  1. Should be solved with ... 6.4.9 ... but configurable date would be smarter
  2. Waiting for since months ...
  3. Can't you change this from Admin -> Config -> Sales -> Payment methods?
  4. What business policies do you mean? You can validate selected attribute value against ebays dispatch times (and force to set it to a valid dispatch time) as in the (poor) sample above. Please bring back this feature! It is impossible to manually change dispatch times for hundreds of products.
  5. Nothing ouf the box ... If your fine with MySQL try this ... (i'll add some sample queries if i have some time for) Regards sv3n
  6. Same requirement here ... [add/remove rules per custom attribute]
  7. Same here ... it's not possile atm! Either do it via JS (if possible) or hope for ... Regards sv3n
  8. Hello, M2E abilities to generate (customer-specific) product discriptions are very limited ...You can only add an attribute placeholder that adds attributes value (OK, it should e enough for the most, but why not let your customers extend it?) Adding some events would give some freedom to manipulate the product description ... e.g. add attribute labels (not only values) add static content add generated content (like show/link to cross/upsell/related products and their listings) It's easily possible w/o touching M2E code ... just an example (code needs to be improved, but it works) Example: app\code\community\Ess\M2ePro\Helper\Module\Renderer\Description.php Replace private function insertAttributes($text, Ess_M2ePro_Model_Magento_Product $magentoProduct) { preg_match_all("/#([a-zA-Z_0-9]+?)#/", $text, $matches); with $object = new Varien_Object(array('preg_match_all' => '/#([a-zA-Z_0-9|]+?)#/')); Mage::dispatchEvent('m2epro_insert_attributes_pattern', array('m2epro_data' => $object)); $pattern = $object->getData('preg_match_all'); preg_match_all($pattern, $text, $matches); ... to manipulate search pattern (e.g. add "|-seperated html-tag for attribute-label) app\code\community\Ess\M2ePro\Model\Magento\Product.php Add/replace: public function getAttributeValue($attributeCode) { $eventData = new Varien_Object(array( 'product' => $productObject, 'attribute_code' => $attributeCode, 'is_direct_output' => false, 'value' => '' )); Mage::dispatchEvent('m2epro_get_attribute_value_before', array('m2epro_data' => $eventData)); $attributeCode = $eventData->getAttributeCode(); if ($eventData->getIsDirectOutput()) { return $eventData->getValue(); } ... and before return is_string($value) ? $value : ''; ... add ... $eventData->setValue($value); $eventData->setAttribute($attribute); Mage::dispatchEvent('m2epro_get_attribute_value_after', array('m2epro_data' => $eventData)); $value = $eventData->getValue(); So you would have an update-safe solution for customers-custom-description ... Regards sv3n
  9. Hello, atm for ebay you can just set predefined handling times from policy ... what is a BIG downside! Scenario: you want to sell products that are not always in stock you want to have the "get-it-fast" option IF they are in stock you want to have the correct handling time IF they are NOT in stock you sell ONE product with several eBay-listings (different titles) you sell ONE product on different accounts (multistore-setup) Example: 3 accounts 3 eBay-Listings per product If this ONE product become in stock/out of stock you have to change 9 policies + revise the product manually if you want to show correct handling times! Suggestion: add the ability to set handling time from magento attribute. I know eBay has predefined handling times (that may differ from maketplaces), but you can get them from eBay-API track selected attribute and set value to the next highest valid (eBay) value automatically revise listing if attribute value changes Code: Basic sample code the would handle "invalid" attribute values ... <?php require_once './app/Mage.php'; Mage::app(); $marketplaceId = 8; // ebay germany $validValueFromCustomAttribute = 5; $invalidValueFromCustomAttribute = 12; $outOfRangeValueFromCustomAttribute = 100; validateDispatchTime($marketplaceId, $validValueFromCustomAttribute); echo '<br>'; validateDispatchTime($marketplaceId, $invalidValueFromCustomAttribute); echo '<br>'; validateDispatchTime($marketplaceId, $outOfRangeValueFromCustomAttribute); function validateDispatchTime($marketplaceId, $customValue) { $eBayDispatchTime = Mage::getModel('M2ePro/Ebay_Marketplace')->setId($marketplaceId)->getDispatchInfo(); $eBayDispatchTime = array_map(function($element){return $element['ebay_id'];}, $eBayDispatchTime); $isValid = false; if (in_array($customValue, $eBayDispatchTime)) { echo $customValue . ' is valid'; $isValid = true; } else { asort($eBayDispatchTime); foreach ($eBayDispatchTime as $time) { if ($customValue < $time) { echo $customValue . ' is invalid, use eBays ' . $time . ' instead for listing'; $isValid = true; break; } } } if (!$isValid) { echo 'ABORT: ebay does not support handling times > ' . $time; } } Regards sv3n
  10. Hello, atm automatice currency conversion works only for [magentos] default price attributes, but it should work for ALL attributes with type "price"! Scenario: you sell on different eBay/Amazon market places (/w different currencies) you have different product prices for shop, ebay & amazon ATM: you have to add a price attribute for every used currency (e.g. EUR, USD, CAD, GBP ... same for eBay "Best-Offer"-Price) you have to convert the currency on your own you have to add different "price policies" for every marketplace So you have .. (only for eBay) ... price attributes ... eBay-Price EUR eBay-Price EUR (Best-Offer) eBay-Price USD eBay-Price USD (Best-Offer) eBay-Price CAD eBay-Price CAD (Best-Offer) eBay-Price GBP eBay-Price GBP (Best-Offer) ... .. policies ... EUR USD CAD GBP ... Suggestion: Just support user-added price attributes ... ! It would reduce the (eBay-only) scenario from above to ... ... price attributes ... eBay-Price eBay-Price (Best-Offer) ... policy ... "eBay-price-attribute" No need for manual currency-conversion ... and ... it saves A LOT of resource for magentos price-rule creation! Regards sv3n
  11. Hello, yet another customer requested patch ... We needed to block orders that were created before a specific date, so you provided a simple fix ... app\code\community\Ess\M2ePro\Model\Ebay\Synchronization\Orders\Receive.php Line 146 $minDate = null; if ($account->getId() == 2) { $minDate = '2016-02-01 00:00:00'; } if ($account->getId() == 3) { $minDate = '2016-02-03 00:00:00'; } Line 158 if (!is_null($minDate) && strtotime($ebayOrderData['purchase_create_date']) < strtotime($minDate)) { continue; } With every M2E update i've to re-appy this fix ... (and this really s*****) Suggestion: Add this "min-date" to ebay/amazon accounts order create configuration .... Regards sv3n
  12. Hello, there are some config options that are only accessable in DEV-mode. At least some of them should be available in backend and documentated. E.g. the automatic linebreak conversion, that is enabled by default (for non-html-input) Your support told me, that most users use plain text input ... rly? Even if it's true, there has to be a visible configuration to turn it on/off for all users that use html in their product descriptions. Regards sv3n
  13. Hello, i know u internally use something else, but why don't you accept PRs and merge it into your VCS? So every M2E user could >>suggest<< changes, that only need to be approved and can be easily added for everyone. It's a win-win-situation, isn't it ... ? You could add features/fixes with less effort ... you only have to review the code and if something wrong you can still close/decline the PR (or even better suggest improvements). Regards sv3n
  14. See: