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  1. Hello, I have setup a custom title for my listing, so the titles are being generated by attributes. I have a few products that i would like to modify their title on ebay. Is there a way to change titles for individual products within the listing? I have noticed there is a "optimize" button right by each listed product title, but when i click it nothing happens. Will appreciate your help on the matter, as i havent been able to find any info on that.
  2. Hello, I have the same need as Timo, I need to adjust the auto add rules based on magento attribute, but i am still not ready to update to magento 2.0. So i have though of another solution, and was wondering if adding multiple rules (auto add) will both be considered, meaning that if i add 1 rule that only monitors category X, and another rule that monitors category Y, will the product be auto added to the listing only if it is added to both categories on magento (cat X and cat Y)? or all the products that are added to category X and all the products that are added to category Y on magento, will be added to the listing? is it an "AND" or "OR" rule? thanks