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  1. Hey guys, I'm still stuck on this problem. Any suggestions? Regards Heiko
  2. Hi guys, hope you are doing well. I had a question regarding ebay description policy. Due to base price German legal rules for sellers, we cannot upload our configurable products as a variation listing to ebay. Ebay only displays the base price amount for simple products, not variational products. The way simple products are linked with a configurable main product in magneto, we do not need to write single descriptions or upload images individually to simple products just for magento frontend. At times, however, we need to update descriptions and titles, which when we do for the configurable product, is enough for our magento frontend requirements. However, the simple products related to this configurable products are not updated, therefore we would need to do so for ebay listings manually which can be very time consuming, considering the number of simple products each configurable product contains. We read it in the manual ( and were able to accomplish this for the product images and we would basically, therefore need to have to be able to have the same ease to upload product descriptions and other attributes too. Could anyone please recommend a solution? Cheers! Heiko