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  1. Hello I have an error when I want to update the marketplace in the config. I click update all now or I update the Amazon marketplace only and I have this error in the window : Route "adminhtml_general/synchCheckState" not found So I don't know if it is updated. Do you know why ? Does anyone have the same problem ? Thanks Max
  2. Hello I also have VAT calculation problems with that version m2epro-6.4.14.r12591. My prices are exVAT in the backend. I have M1.9.3.9. In the total Box, It considers that the price is inc VAT so VAT is not added. Unfortunatly I had to disable module for now. DO NOT USE THIS VERSION at the moment ! Max
  3. Thanks J.B. it was the solution ! Attribute must be in ALL attribute sets.
  4. Hello, I know pretty well Magento and the M2E PRO extension but I have a small problem. When I add a description policy, I select yes for ASIN creation if prodoct don't exist and the 2 mandatory fields : Brand and Manufacturer (may depend on your translation). In my case, I can't find even one of these 2 attributes in the assigned dropdown. Why ? Do they need a special setting ? I assume that some items may have an empty brand. Is it enough to make the attribute disappear from this dropdown ? These attributes exist and are shown underneath in another dropdown the ones for Search term value and Bullet Points Value. Thanks for your help ! Max