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  1. I am trying to update a product for a client on their m2epro integration to ebay but i am not able to see all the categories. I even updated ebay sites data a few times but still the categories dont show up. Please see the attached image . any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks, Clap Creative
  2. I think you get it wrong i want to list products from ebay to my magento store, mostly all of products are imported but I am unable to import third party products, please help me in that.
  3. Hello, I am using m2epro for listing all my ebay products in my magento store and vice versa. My problem is m2epro is not synchronising all of my products, i mean it has listed only few products not all products. I have total of 55 products in ebay store and it listed only 37 products yet. And I added two products in magento store and extension give me status that Item was successfully Adde, but those products are not listed in ebay yet. Thanks