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  1. Fix: 'Magento Order was not created' error even if Magento Order was actually created in some cases Fix: The "Resend Shipping Information" button is not being displayed Fix: "Product that you are trying to add is not available" exception on Magento versions >= 2.1.8. (on new product creating or changing product stock status by QTY reservation during Magento Order creating) Fix: "Cannot create an empty shipment" on Magento version >= 2.2.0 Fix: "Magento Order was not created: This product is out of stock." in some cases on Magento version >= 2.2.0 Fix: "StockItem event doesn't have correct StockItem instance" (on Magento versions >= 2.2.0) Fix: "Unable to save Stock Item" error during product creating on Magento version >= 2.2.0 Fix: "Invalid value of "1" provided for theregionIdfield." during orders creation (on Magento version >= 2.2.3) Fix: Broken content of some Tooltips (on Magento version >= 2.2.3) Fix: PHP memory_limit setting was overridden by lower value during Synchronization in some cases Fix: Do the forcibly setting of an Adminhtml area for the payment info block Fix: 'Class "InterceptorResponser" does not exist' error in some cases Fix: A second line of a street is being imploded with a first one for Magento orders (should be stored separately) Fix: Capital letters for attributes placeholders in a custom description template may cause unexpected errors Fix: "Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in ..." during price calculation (for a Product which is configured to take the price from a Magento Attribute but has no value) Fix: The error message "Invalid attribute name: entity_id" (a space at the start of attribute name) appeared in Listing View Fix: "QTY was changed from [1] to []" instead of correct integer value Fix: "Logs clearing" task does not run Fix: [eBay] "Uncaught ReferenceError: wysiwygdescription_template is not defined" (in some cases) when JS Merge is enabled Fix: [eBay] "Warning: Invalid argument supplied forforeach() in Model/Ebay/Listing/Product/Action/Type/Request.php" when variation was not allowed by configurator during a Revise Action Magento Marketplace Download (github.com) Release Notes
  2. Improvement: [Service] Remove an ability to set for "If You are the Buy Box Winner" option any values except stop repricing and not configured Improvement: [Service] Prevent price change for offer with calculation disabled. Release Notes
  3. Added: Compatibility with Magento Marketplace (marketplace.magento.com) Added: [Amazon] Support of Australia and Mexico marketplaces Fix: [Amazon] B2B Price displayed as '0' in Listings Products search grid for variation products even if B2B was disabled Magento Marketplace Download (github.com) Release Notes
  4. Fix: Displayed version and changelog on Magento Marketplace Magento Marketplace Download (github.com) Release Notes
  5. Fix: Synchronization became in stuck (locks are not removed correctly) Fix: Upgrade to v1.3.0 failed if database was migrated from M2E Pro for Magento v1.x.x Fix: "Base table or view not found" error had occurred in some cases (if database prefixes is used) Fix: Fatal error: Class %class_name% may not inherit from final class when interceptors for some Plugins were created Fix: "Cannot modify header information - headers already sent" on Cron Service Fix: [eBay] List/Relist/Revise/Stop actions were not processed due to Cron mechanism issue Download (github.com) Release Notes
  6. Improvement: [Amazon] Condition Note can be filled only if Condition is different than "New" Fix: Magento Order was not created if Buyer Email Address was not received from channel and Buyer Name contains special symbols Fix: Magento Order was created with invalid Tax Rate if the same Buyer bought Items from other marketplaces at one time Fix: "Call to a member function setStockItem() on null" for Orders which had the QTY reserved and then the Product was unmapped manually Fix: Log record about sending tracking number to channel was written twice mistakenly in some cases Fix: [eBay] Adding custom kTypes did not work in some cases Fix: [eBay] Address line1 and line2 are being merged in Magento Order even it is not needed Fix: [eBay] Unnecessary log records, about Online Price changes, can happen, if Listed Product becomes not variational in Magento Fix: [eBay] Order Variation Options were not mapped automatically if some Options were added after List the Item action on Channel Fix: [eBay] Automatic revise did not work, if Base Image was changed in Magento in some cases Fix: [eBay] Category Specifics edit page was crashed in some cases (the limited set of cases) Fix: [Amazon] Unable to revise AFN Variation Child Products by running Revise action for Parent Product Fix: [Amazon] Invalid variations matching for Bundle Product in some cases (the limited set of cases) Download (github.com) Download (magento-connect) Release Notes
  7. Added: [eBay] Ability to use Parts Compatibility Feature for Spain (kTypes) Improvement: Some sort of new protection to prevent Magento Orders to be duplicated Improvement: Ignore Channel Orders that were created earlier than M2E Pro Account was created Improvement: [eBay] M2E Pro Images Gallery uses CSS instead of JS (eBay active content deprecation announcement) Fix: A simple with Custom Options product is considered to be a Variational by mistake (in some cases) Fix: Undefined constant TYPE_DB_UPGRADE during an upgrade process (only if Magento versions less than 1.5.x) Fix: Magento Order for Configurable Products was not created (the limited set of cases) Fix: [eBay] Order Variation Options were not mapped automatically for Grouped Products in some cases Fix: [eBay] Incorrect Status of Listing Product displayed in Listing Grid, if Out Of Stock Control enabled (Sold instead of Stopped) in some cases Fix: [eBay] Not paid Orders could be automatically canceled earlier than allowed period was ended Fix: [Amazon] Error when new Variational Product was added to the Listing because it was not considered as Parent-Child Amazon Product Fix: [Amazon] Some QTY amount was not returned back for AFN Orders if Magento Product QTY was lower or equal to zero Download (github.com) Download (magento-connect) Release Notes
  8. Improvement: [Rules] 'If there are no Competitors' condition has become required for all Repricing Strategies and will be checked each time before applying the Repricing Rule settings Improvement: [M2E Pro Connector] The ability to add first Products to the Repricing Service during the initial setup via M2E Pro Connector Improvement: [Rules] The ability to review the total number of Inactive Products along with the detailed data available by the click on ‘more’ link Improvement: [Base] Vertical scrolling feature has become available within Service interface Fix: [Dashboard/Reports] The data of 'BuyBox Winner & Lowest Price' and 'BuyBox Winner & Goal Achieved' charts is correctly displayed now Fix: Multiple fixes of user interface Release Notes
  9. Added: [Reports] Reports functionality for Amazon Accounts was added Added: [Base] Captcha was added to the process of a new Profile registration Improvement: Major improvements for the Dashboard params updating and interface usability Improvement: [Dashboard] Added the ability to see the number of Products that have not been added to the Repricer Service yet Improvement: [Rules] The option 'Not contains' was added to the Products filter within Repricing Rule Improvement: [Dashboard] Information about the particular Competitor is displayed like on Amazon. Improvement: [Base] Customer registration email is automatically added to the Support Contact Form Improvement: [Filters] Custom Values are not cleared in case the subfilter type was changed Fix: [Products] Filtering results are correctly displayed now Fix: [Base] The performance of mass selection action has been increased Fix: [Products] Multiple fixes of Sorting options and Product details updating Release Notes