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    But it seems to be strange that similar items are in both 3rd party listing and m2e pro listing. Items that you list via m2e pro can't be imported into 3rd party listing. 

    I am not sure what you mean here as this is the way I have always done it.  Import 3rd party listings from ebay as third party listings and auto map them to magento products, then add them to an M2epro listing.  I think if I create a new m2epro listing then add the mapped 3rd party ones to this, then delete the oringinal m2epro listing

  2. I have had to reimport my ebay listings into 3rd party listings and have mapped them to my magento products but now cannot add them to my M2epro listings as it keeps saying they are already in the m2e pro listing.  Is there a way to delete listings from m2e pro without deleting the whole listing?  I dont want to start agian as I have lots of completed policies n my m2e pro listings

    Please I need help with this